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Everything you need to know about Zoho One

About Zoho One

Zoho One is the mothership of all bundles.  With over 40+ applications for an unbeatable price, where ever you want to take your business, the sky is the limit with Zoho One.

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Zoho One Resources

Zoho One - Included Apps

Click on an app to go to the Resource Library for the selected app. Each app has pdf guides, articles, and video content. 

Reviews & Articles

Our Annual Product Overview

Want to learn more about Zoho One?  With over 40+ applications it can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry!  We break down every product in our annual Zoho One Full Product Overview.

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Full Zoho One Product Review

With 2021 bringing us 6 new applications, 300+ integrations, and over 150 new features, it only made sense that 2022 had tons of updates! Zoho One applications had many notable updates including the addition of ChatGPT to Notebook, topic management settings in Campaigns, embedded signing with Zoho Sign, and much more. See how these updates, or lack thereof, influenced our product ratings.

Zoho calls Zoho One “The Operating System For Business”, and that it is. With 40+ applications, we cover each and every single one. Skip ahead through the video below to learn more about each product or continue reading for a quick overview of each product. If you want to learn more click on each product’s title to jump to their individual resource libraries!

Zoho One Major Updates

Before we dive into all the different applications, one big update this year was Zoho One’s Unified Tasks View. This view provides all your tasks to live in one place, whether those tasks be from Projects, CRM, People, or other Zoho applications. Organize, add, or delete tasks all in one convenient spot. This is a great addition after 2021’s Zoho One UI overhaul.


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM, or as we like to call it “the gateway drug into Zoho”, is by far one of Zoho’s strongest applications and most commonly used. Highly customizable, workflow management, and quick tasks are just a few features worth mentioning in the arsenal that comes with this product.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Scoring Rules Enhancements
  • Introduction Of Built-In Telephony 
  • Share Individual Records With Roles And Groups
  • “Reasons For Loss” Changed To A Picklist
  • Schedule A Call & Add A Meeting In Workflow Rules
  • New Zia-enabled AI features

Our Rating Yes. This is a product that is very well developed, constantly improving, and serves as the home base for all of your data.

Bigin by Zoho CRM

Bigin is kind of an outlier to the Zoho One Suite. If you are familiar with Pipedrive, that is Bigin. A simplified version of Zoho CRM, yet still extremely powerful.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Introducing Actions In The Pipeline List View
  • HIPAA Compliant On Mobile 
  • Mass Email Updates
  • Updates For iOS 16 & Ventura
  • Early Access For Team Pipelines

Our Rating Yes. This lightweight on-the-go CRM is an all-around best-in-class product.

Zoho Bigin - Zenatta

Zoho Booking - Zenatta

Zoho Bookings

Bookings is a tool that allows a customer to book a resource based on calendar availability.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Calendar Invites
  • Calendar Event Names
  • Booking ID Generation Logic
  • New Instant GCalender Integration (dubious)

Our Rating Not Quite Yet. It has some core functionality features missing which is why it isn’t quite ready yet.


Zoho Campaigns - Zenatta

Zoho Campaigns

Campaigns is a platform used for email marketing. This tool allows for single email blasts as well as drip campaigns. Synchronizes perfectly with Zoho CRM. Great and reliable email marketing mailing tool.

2022 Notable Updates

  • New Sync With Zoho CRM
  • New Exclusive Edition For Marketing Agencies
  • Topic Management Added
  • Zoho Campaigns Own SMS Gateway
  • Live Editing Of Workflows

Our Rating Yes. This has been a rock-solid application for a long time.

Zoho Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation was released a few years back and has a lot of the same functionality that Zoho Campaigns has, along with website tracking features.

Unfortunately, no 2022 Notable Updates. Fingers crossed we get some this year!

Our Rating Not Quite Yet. Other applications like SalesIQ and Campaigns do it better.

marketing automation app logo


Zoho Survey

An outbound survey application used to collect data from both internal and external leads/contacts. Very easy to use and deploy with excellent branching logic and a great CRM integration.

2022 Notable Updates

  • A New Logo!

Our Rating Yes. Best-in-class survey tool.

Zoho Forms

Forms are forms that allow you to share as a link or embed to capture data along with advanced tracking of UTM parameters. Great integration across multiple Zoho Applications, can trigger workflows, and is highly customizable.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Google and Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Introducing OTP Verification 

Our Rating Yes. Best-in-class form tool.

Zoho Forms

Social Media Management

Zoho Social Improves Image Handling

Zoho Social

Social is an application for managing all of your Social Media accounts from one location. Integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Great reporting, team collaboration tools built-in, centralized social media management, and CRM lead automation.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Introducing Image Editor 
  • Instagram Hashtag Groups & Carousel Posting
  • New Apps Added For Short Video Content (Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram Reels/Stories, YouTube Shorts)

Our Rating Yes. This continuously receives quality updates and improvements year after year, keeping it best in class.

Web Tools


Zoho Sites

A basic website builder that allows you to create a website quickly with blogging, business, and photography capabilities. Zoho has excellent hosting servers, the product is very simple to use, and integrates with other Zoho applications. However, there are very few plug-ins and templates to choose from.

There were no 2022 Notable Updates

Our Rating Maybe. This product has some limitations if you want a more advanced site.

Zoho PageSense

PageSense is a tool that monitors everything on your website, including visitors, locations, A/B testing, heatmaps, and more. But the reports do not provide reliable results.

There were no 2022 Notable Updates

Our Rating Maybe. Some settings are great, but the tool seems to have some bugs.


Zohp Sales IQ - Zenatta

Zoho SalesIQ

SalesIQ is another tool you can embed on your website, which gives you visitor tracking information along with chat widgets. In 2021, they released SalesIQ 2.0, which came with codeless bot building, making the automated chatbots much easier for anyone to configure. The real-time tracking and dashboards are fully functional with excellent reporting.

2022 Notable Updates

  • New Conversion Tags
  • AppleTV App Adds Project Dashboard 
  • Custom CSS

Our Rating Yes. It truly is the Swiss Army Knife of web tracking.

Zoho Commerce

Commerce is essentially a modified version of Zoho Sites that has similar functionality to products such as Shopify or WooCommerce.It’s easy to set up and has a great Zoho Inventory integration.

There were no 2022 Notable Updates

Our Rating Maybe. Due to limited functionality and back-end product management.


Event Management

Zoho Backstage App - Zenatta

Zoho Backstage

An event management software that allows you to create an events page, vendors page, manage your events, hybrid events, print badges, and more. This product does it all for event management and is easy to use. The biggest benefit is Zoho doesn’t take a commission on ticket sales unlike most other similar solutions out there.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Zoom Meeting Sessions 
  • New Pricing Plans & Add-Ons

Our Rating Yes. A best-in-class event tool for in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.



Zoho Desk

Zoho’s help desk application hosts tickets, a knowledge base, and a client portal. Easy to set up and fully functional help desk software. A great UI with TONS of extensions.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Agents Module Gets New Look & Customization Options 
  • New Default Custom Actions 
  • Introducing “My Area” Ticket Filter
  • Guided Conversations

Our Rating Yes. This product continuously gets updated and has a ton of extensions created month over month.

Zoho Assist

Assist is remote desktop software that allows you to log into someone’s computer to provide them assistance. It’s simple to use and secure, with multimonitor support.

There were no 2022 Notable Updates

Our Rating Yes. Does everything you’d want with a remote connect tool.


Zoho Lens

Lens is an augmented reality support tool that allows users to connect via mobile phone. Easy to use with great annotation features built in to point to things the user is sharing through their camera.

2022 Notable Updates

  • QR/Barcode Scanning
  • OCR Scanning

Our Rating Yes.


Zoho Mail Admin Console Gets a Much Needed Overhaul

Zoho Mail

Mail is a mail client, but it can also be your mail hosting service. It has exceptional integrations with the Zoho applications, streams for internal communication, task management, and an excellent interface.

2022 Notable Updates

  • New Stylish UI Revamp 
  • Integrate With 100+ Apps On IFTTT 
  • Block And Reject Future Emails

Our Rating Maybe. There are a few odds and ends that might cause some pain points. It’s not always worth the hassle of moving over from your current email provider.  


TeamInbox allows organizations to share emails as a group. Very easy to set up with seamless integration to Zoho Mail. In most cases, though Zoho Desk would be a go-to solution instead, but for smaller organizations, a shared inbox also works well.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Announcing New Pricing Plans

Our Rating Yes. It does everything it was designed to do well.

Zoho Cliq - Zenatta

Zoho Cliq

Cliq is an internal team collaboration communication tool that allows you to organize conversations and information easily amongst your organization. Easy to set up, has excellent integrations to other Zoho applications, and has bot capabilities. Really, the sky is the limit on what you want it to do within your organization.

2022 Notable Updates

  • New Personalized Emojis & Stickers 
  • Scheduled Messages Introduced
  • New Networks Feature
  • PiP Mode Added

Our Rating Yes. It does everything you want and more.

Project Management


Zoho Projects

A Gantt chart-style project management tool. Great team task management features, solid integration with Zoho CRM and Sprints, and great for templated processes.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Time Log Threshold For Reminders 
  • Issue Reports At An Org Level Introduced
  • Web Tabs
  • Context Menus For The Users & Teams Module

Our Rating Yes. When it comes down to it project management tools are what works best for you, but this is an excellent solution for many.

Zoho Sprints

Sprints is a clutter-free agile tool used for project management by breaking a project into smaller sections. Simple and easy to use, with great Zoho application integration.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Custom Project Layouts

Our Rating Maybe. Due to a lack of 3rd party integrations.




Zoho Connect

Connect is an intranet that you would use as a hub of communication for your company. Such as town halls, forums, manuals & guides, and tasking systems for simple Kanbans. Well-built task management system with a ton of features. However, it does lack some integrations with other Zoho applications.

2022 Notable Updates

  • New Ultimate Edition

Our Rating Yes. Zoho’s Intranet and Extranet application is a jack of all trades when it comes to internal and external communication.

Zoho WorkDrive

WorkDrive is an online cloud storage file management system, very similar to OneDrive or Google Drive. Very generous storage limits, tagging and metadata on files/folders, and granular sharing controls.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Support For Raw Image Files 
  • WorkDrive 3.0 Released  
  • Template Categories 
  • New Scribble Tool
  • Advanced Video-Related Features

Our Rating Yes. A fantastic application that integrates beautifully with other Zoho applications.



Zoho Meeting

Meeting is a digital meeting solution similar to Zoom. Awesome UI, constant improvements, and great integrations with other Zoho applications. Unfortunately, it only assigns meetings via Zoho Bookings, and the recording quality isn’t the best.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Whiteboards & Polls Introduced
  • Forever Free Edition Gets More Features 
  • New PiP Feature 
  • Quite a Few “Catch-up” Features

Our Rating Maybe. Due to bandwidth issues, it’s not recommended for high-quality video meetings or recordings.

Zoho Learn

Learn was released in 2021 and out of the box is an excellent internal LMS. Great for internal training and easy to use. Create manuals, quizzes, courses, etc with ease.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Now Available On iOS & Android

Our Rating Yes. An all-around excellent LMS platform.  Easy to use and best-in-class functionality.

zoho learn tile



Zoho Writer

Writer is a cloud-based word processing tool similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Not only is it a great word processor, but it integrates beautifully with other Zoho applications.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Fillable Forms Introduced 
  • Added Workflows 
  • Print-Friendly Layouts 
  • New Find And Replace Options

Our Rating Yes. A great tool with constant improvements.

Zoho Sheets

Sheets is a spreadsheet application very similar to Excel. Full-featured with constant improvements. Great charting and function capabilities as well.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Feature Finder Added 
  • New Functions

Our Rating Yes. A great tool with constant improvements.



Zoho Notebook

Notebook is a lightweight note-taking tool similar to Evernote. Easy to use with a great interface and browser integration. Sadly, still no integration with Zoho CRM.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Notebook Turns 6!
  • ChatGPT Integration

Our Rating Yes. This super slick note-taking collaboration tool has made great strides since its release.

Zoho Show

A presentation software very similar to Powerpoint. Great selection of templates and page automation. Pulling data in from other applications is a huge plus.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Introduces Offline Capability 

Our Rating Yes. An excellent choice with several unique features.



Zoho Sign Gets The Full iOS 14 Treatment

Zoho Sign

Sign is a complete digital signature application that allows you to send documents for signature. Excellent integration with the CRM, Sign Tag for Sign Field automation works great and is very simple to use. Also, it comes at about half the price compared to most other companies per signed document. However, user permission and access controls are limited.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Integration With Zoho Checkout
  • Embedded Signing
  • Many Region-specific Compliance Improvements

Our Rating Maybe. If they fixed user permissions, it’d be a Yes.

Zoho Vault

Vault is a best-in-class password management solution that has excellent integrations and is secure.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Breached Password Detection 

Our Rating Yes. Secure and does an excellent job.




Zoho Books

Books is an online accounting software that serves as the home base for all your financial applications in the Zoho suite. In essence, this is very similar to Quickbooks. Top benefits include the ability to send out digital estimates, excellent CRM integration, and it’s easy to use. However, there is no integration with major payroll providers.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Advanced Multi-Currency Handling
  • Introduced in Mexico
  • Contextual Chat
  • Vendor & Client Portal Enhancements
  • Profit & Loss Report Enhancements
  • Create Self-Billed Invoices
  • Integrate Bank Accounts Using Plaid

Our Rating Maybe. Just until the payroll provider gets fixed.

Zoho Invoice

A stand-alone invoicing software solution. Allows you to send invoices, pay online, has great integrations with the CRM, and is easy to migrate to Books.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Deal Lookup Field Now Available
  • Introduced 12 New Extensions
  • Upload Docs From The Client Portal
  • Display QR Code In Credit Notes
  • Brand New Look & Feel
  • Display Retainer Tax Summary In Invoice PDF

Our Rating Maybe. If you need a stand-alone invoice program it is great, however, it lacks progress billing.



Zoho Checkout

Checkout is a solution to allow a user to purchase items through this tool. Very simple to use for a single-product E-commerce solution. But, it’s very limited after someone buys the product to do anything else.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Zoho Sign Integration 

Our Rating Not Quite Yet. While it does allow you to easily make a checkout page, the lack of customization and integrations/API means you are better off collecting payments somewhere else.

Zoho Expense

Expense is a tool that your employees can use to report their expenses. Excellent mobile application that allows your employees to scan their receipts and submit them. Does have a Quickbooks integration. It also lacks some overall functionality that other applications similar to this offer.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Delegate Permissions For New Roles
  • Expense Details In Reports PDF
  • Online Reimbursements Via HSBC
  • Split Expenses Within Reports

Our Rating Maybe. If you have some really intense expense management needs, it’s not the top option. However, it is plenty powerful for a lot of our clients.



Zoho Payroll

Payroll is a payroll management solution. Great integration with Zoho Books. However, limited features and a lack of places where it can be used.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Added 9 States to Bring the Total to 12
    • California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington

Our Rating Not Quite Yet. A good service that only offers W2 service in 12 states, but unfortunately, it needs to get to all 50. No integrated 1099 service. Even if you are in these states, you are better off with ADP or another service.


Zoho Inventory

Inventory is an inventory management solution that allows you to manage stock, fulfill orders, and control the inventory of products. Integrates with other Zoho applications and is great for basic inventory. There are some challenging integrations with sites such as Shopify and advanced inventory tracking.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Shipments Module Enhancements
  • Introduced Incoming Webhooks
  • Integration With Zoho SalesIQ
  • New Client & Vendor Portals
  • EasyPost Integration
  • Custom Fields In Picklists
  • Autoscan Expenses
  • Advanced Multi-Currency Handling

Our Rating Maybe. We can recommend it in most instances. However, it lacks some basic functionality that some organizations may need.



Zoho Subscriptions

A great tool that helps you with subscription management whether it be monthly or yearly automated billing. It is very easy to get this setup, put it on your website, and collect money. Not great for product subscriptions and it also has some tendencies to create duplicate customers.

2022 Notable Updates

  • New Custom Portal Features
  • Report Enhancements
  • Revamped Modules
  • Customer-Level Consolidation Billing
  • New Price Lists
  • Custom Tabs

Our Rating Maybe. Good for simple service-based subscriptions. Missing some key functionality.

Human Resources


Zoho People

People is a complete HR solution. It allows you to automate your entire HR process. The most features we have ever seen in an HR solution and has excellent timesheet management. But sometimes too many features aren’t always the best. A confusing UI makes it a very difficult product to learn and use.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Course Costs in LMS
  • Manager Evaluation in the Learning Management System
  • Goal Setting in the Performance Management System

Our Rating Maybe. Overall a great product, but still has some minor functionality tweaks needed. 

Zoho Recruit

An applicant tracking system (ATS) that provides diverse, end-to-end hiring solutions for staffing agencies, corporate HRs, and a temporary workforce. However, it could use an interface overhaul and has no IMAP integration for email.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Advanced Templates For Formatted Resumes
  • New Integration With Calendly 
  • Introduction Of Multi-Org 
  • Zoho Marketplace Now Houses 200+ Extensions For Zoho Recruit

Our Rating Maybe. A very good applicant tracking system, but a little clunky and inconsistent.



contracts tile

Zoho Contracts

This product was released in 2021 and allows businesses to use lawyer-approved contracts to create for their business. Tons of templates and contracts to choose from.

2022 Notable Updates

  • API Documentation Now Available

Our Rating Yes. An overall excellent tool for creating and sending contracts.

Business Process

Zoho Creator - Zenatta

Zoho Creator

Creator is a low-code app that allows you to build your own application. The sky is the limit on the applications you can build with this. A very versatile tool.

2022 Notable Updates

  • 6.0 Officially Released
  • Augmented Reality Introduced

Our Rating Yes. An excellent application with tons of power.

Zoho Flow

A developer-focused tool that could easily be described as the Zapier for Zoho. An excellent way of importing external data into Zoho via webhooks.

2022 Notable Updates

  • New Integration With Zoho Meeting

Our Rating Maybe. A good application, but has issues working reliably in certain situations.


Zoho Analytics

Analytics is a part of a BI suite that helps you sort and analyze data to create dashboards, reports, and more. Excellent data connectors for both internal Zoho applications as well as external providers. Also, data manipulation can be done within the application itself.

2022 Notable Updates

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Business Application Connector For Freshdesk, Hubspot, & More!
  • Ranked In 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Data Integration & Preparation Enhancements

Our Rating Yes. If you use Zoho, it is really the only BI tool you should be using.

Zoho DataPrep

DataPrep allows you to take data and transform it. The AI saves you a lot of time by having to do changes yourself. Great for processing large databases and cleaning up data prior to importing it into Analytics or CRM.

2022 Notable Updates

  • Direct CRM Integration for data-pipeline usage

Our Rating Yes. Overall clean, efficient, AI-driven BI data cleansing tool that works extremely well.

dataprep tile

Ready To Get Started With Zoho One?

Though you may not need every application, this bundle is cheaper than many applications paired together. Don’t forget, if you want to learn more about each application simply click on the images above or visit our resource library. Of course, if you want professional help and assistance we are always here to help at Zenatta. Drop us a line and we’d be happy to see how we can help your business implement Zoho One.

Zoho One - Included Apps

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With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. In previous jobs, he implemented industrial job scheduling, fleet management and detailed long-haul route optimization – among other data-driven processes – to reach objectives of increased profit and reduced wasted resources. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions.