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Why Team Training for Zoho Desk is a Non-Negotiable

If you want your business to deliver top-notch customer support, utilizing the right tools is pivotal. Zoho Desk stands out as a powerhouse in this realm. However, merely having access to such a tool isn’t enough; your team must be adept at harnessing its full potential. This is where comprehensive team training becomes crucial. And […]

The Future of Work: Exploring Zoho’s New ChatGPT Integrations

Every once in a while, technology gifts us with innovations that radically change how we work. Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is one such innovation. In recent months, Zoho has embraced this change with a flurry of integrations into their various applications. These advanced, AI-driven tools have set a new precedent for how we approach tasks and engage […]

Everything You Need to Know About Zoho Desk

Product Overview As many of you already know, Zoho Desk is a cloud-based customer service software. It is a support management solution that allows users to provide support to customers through ticket management and knowledge base resources. Within Desk, there are a bunch of features that are included, such as: Based on the video tutorial, […]

Help Desk Software Features: Zoho Desk vs Zendesk vs FreshDesk

With so many different options for help desk software, it might be hard to choose which one will work best for your business. In this article, we will compare a few of the top help desk software options available, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Zoho Desk. There are a lot of similarities across the three platforms, however, you’ll […]

4 Killer Customer Service Applications

We’ve all been there, trying to call a company’s 1-800 number and getting stuck on hold for an hour. Or worse, have to voice your needs to a robot in hopes that it understands what you mean. Don’t be that company, use top-of-the-line customer service applications from the Zoho suite! Zoho Assist, Desk, Lens, and […]

Zoho Desk Full Product Overview – 2022

Zoho Desk Full Product Overview for Zenatta Consulting's blog post

Video Timestamps 0:33 Agenda 1:17 What Is Zoho Desk, And Why Do You Need It? 2:46 Product Overview 6:54 Departments 11:47 Ticket Management 26:01 Knowledge Base 33:01 Workflows 41:37 Integrations 43:45 Zoho Marketplace 46:30 Q&A What Is Zoho Desk, And Why Do You Need It? Zoho Desk is Zoho’s customer service tool. Let’s say you […]

6 Integrations to Immediately Setup in Zoho One

6 Integrations to Immediately Setup in Zoho One

Anyone new to the world of Zoho is going to feel overwhelmed. And don’t feel bad, even as a Zoho Premium Partner, all of us were in your shoes at some point. With Zoho One’s arsenal of 40+ applications figuring out which ones you need besides your, CRM can take time. And once you figure […]

Choosing the Best Desk Software For Your Business

Nurturing customer loyalty has long been the key to building a successful business. In most industries, over 80 percent of revenue comes from loyal customers making repeat buys. To earn the loyalty of customers, it is necessary to provide great customer service after sales have been completed. Customer service has become far more important in […]

Zoho Desk – Building Your Knowledge Base

Zoho Desk - Building Your Knowledge Base

Having an excellent knowledge base is crucial for improving your customer support experience while driving down support costs. When customers can find answers to support questions in seconds online, they will find your products easier to use and experience a higher level of satisfaction. Your knowledge base content can also function as a marketing tool. […]

The Role of Your CRM in Customer Service and Support

CRMs aren’t just for sales and marketing. A good CRM should track everything you know about your customers. From their address and billing information to their last purchase and support ticket. With all this information centralized and organized, your teams can find the information they need quickly and efficiently without getting lost or accidentally finding […]

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With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. In previous jobs, he implemented industrial job scheduling, fleet management and detailed long-haul route optimization – among other data-driven processes – to reach objectives of increased profit and reduced wasted resources. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions.