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Which Zoho Bundle Is Right For You?

When it comes to Zoho, whether you are new or a Zoho veteran, there is a lot to digest. As most of you already know, there are quite a few products (40+), and with that, there are also quite a few bundles. For more information about each app, check out our resource library and if you want a quick snapshot of each, our Zoho One Full Product Overview gives a great breakdown of each application. In this article, we will briefly touch on each bundle Zoho is currently offering to help you determine which Zoho bundle is right for you.

Before we jump into each bundle, if you prefer a visual overview of each bundle, please watch our Zoho Bundles Full Overview above. Additionally, for screenshots and a pricing breakdown of each product, visit our bundles page or click on each one of the products icons below for more information

Zoho One

Zoho One Bundle Logo

With Zoho One, you are essentially getting every application Zoho has to offer all under one roof, with the exception of a few applications such as Qntrl and TrainerCentral.

Besides having 40+ applications included with Zoho One, the one main thing that separates this bundle apart from the rest is the different pricing models. If you agree to get a license for every employee in your organization, the pricing is extremely cheap for what you get starting at $37 a month. However, let’s say you have 15 people in your organization, but only 5 need access to this software suite, the pricing would jump up to $90 per user.

Generally speaking, most organizations use a variety of different solutions from help desk to internal communication, and when you start breaking these prices apart, the savings are significant. Even better, all of these different applications have excellent integrations with one another pre-built into the Zoho application universe.

Overall, Zoho One is the super bundle Zoho offers, and we highly recommend it if you are using more than just a few applications.

CRM Plus

CRM Plus Bundle Logo

Before Zoho One, there was CRM Plus. This bundle includes all the core applications most businesses would need to run their operations. Based on our client experiences, this bundle includes about 85% of the core applications most businesses use on a day-to-day basis.

The user interface for CRM Plus is also clean, with a central admin panel. The pricing is very straightforward, unlike Zoho One, you simply choose how many licenses you want for your organization. Another thing worth mentioning on pricing is oftentimes, if you are just missing one application from the Zoho universe that CRM Plus is missing, it might still be cheaper to purchase that missing app on top of CRM Plus than, say, purchasing Zoho One.

In most cases, if you aren’t doing the all-employee package of Zoho One, CRM Plus is most likely the bundle for you.

Finance Plus

Finance Plus Bundle Logo

Finance Plus is Zoho’s answer when it comes to competing with other competitors such as QuickBooks or Concur. Over the past few years, Zoho has done an excellent job of improving their finance suit products such as Books, Invoices, and Inventory.

This is a very strong set of applications that can handle 9 out of 10 times everything a business is needing in a finance suit.

People Plus

People Plus Bundle Logo

This is one of the most interesting bundles. It includes almost everything you need to run an HR department, with the exception of a CRM. The biggest drawback we usually get from our clients is the main product in the bundle, Zoho People, is too robust. But at least it is safe to know that pretty much every feature you could want, exists.

Overall, the pricing starting at $9 a user per month is hard to beat if you are just looking for a complete HR solution.


Remotely Bundle Logo

When the world was scrambling in 2020 and going into lockdown, Zoho was quick to respond. Remotely was Zoho’s FREE solution to allow businesses quickly transition with some basic essential tools. It remained free for almost a year before they started charging people to use these tools. This bundle included internal communications tools Cliq and Connect, as well as their complete office suite, which is excellent!

Later on, they added a professional edition which added Sprints, Assist, and Lens. Overall, an excellent package if you just need basic tools to stay connected with your team, and at a price point that is pretty much highway robbery!


And almost identical to Remotely is Zoho’s bundle Workplace. Just like Remotely, except you get Zoho Mail and lose Zoho Cliq. This would be more of your Gsuite experience with Mail instead of Cliq, but maybe you’d just want to stay with your current mail host and just use Remotely. Honestly, these two bundles should just be merged into one.

Marketing Plus

marketing plus bundle

Not to get confused with Marketing Automation, which is included with Marketing Plus. This bundle includes all the core marketing applications your organization would need from social media, email campaigning, event management, and website engagement.

There is also a unique feature included with just Marketing Plus called Brand Studio. Which gives you an excellent view of all your campaigns and a rollup of all that data.

Overall, we are a bit biased and feel like most of this data should tie into your CRM, which this bundle is missing, and would recommend that you use CRM Plus or Zoho One over Marketing Plus.


And wrapping it up with potentially the strange of all Zoho Bundles, Zillum. Zillum is Zoho’s home solution for family or personal users. It includes chat, file management, and office suite solutions for a very reasonable monthly price.

Need Help Implementing Your Bundle?

Whether you just have questions or need some custom implementations for your Zoho instance, we are happy to help. Drop us a line for custom implementations or if you just have a question head over to Club Zenatta.

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