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Everything you need to know about CRM Plus.

About CRM Plus

CRM Plus is the perfect combination of 8 core Zoho applications that empowers businesses to operate efficiently and successfully.

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CRM Plus - Included Apps

Click on an app to go to the Resource Library for the selected app. Each app has pdf guides, articles, and video content. 

Our in depth analysis.

Check out our CRM Plus Full Product Tutorial to learn all about the core functionality and features of this bundle.

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Zoho CRM Plus Product Review

This week we launched our monthly full product overview on the Zoho CRM Plus product suite. During this review, we break down each category that the different products fall into, their uses, and a quick tutorial on the interface and settings for Zoho CRM inside CRM Plus.

If you don’t have 48 minutes to watch the whole webinar above, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this recap below. We also created a playlist that dives deeper into each category we touch on regarding Zoho CRM Plus.

Why Zoho CRM Plus?

When it comes to the bundles Zoho has to offer this is one of the best. And if you don’t need your whole organization on the platform this will be a more cost-effective solution than Zoho One, assuming you just need the following applications we are about to cover. Today’s modern businesses success depends on having the right tools to stay competitive.

Thus solutions like Zoho exist in the SaaS world giving businesses the edge they need to thrive. But it is more than just one product that makes this happen. A handful of solutions work together to bring businesses together both internally and with their clients.

For Zoho CRM Plus these business solutions include sales, marketing, support, collaboration, and business process. Without having to commit your whole organization to licenses, you can pay for the individuals in your organization that will utilize this software. Let’s look at the products included with CRM Plus and how they support each of these categories.


The first product we talk about and probably the most vital to any organization is Zoho CRM. The CRM is the core functionality and home base for most of your use around sales and marketing. This product is where you manage your leads and contacts, accounts, deals, and pipelines. This will also be where most of the primary automation will take place.

During the product overview, we also focus on getting around the admin settings inside CRM Plus. One notable feature about CRM Plus is the toolbar on the left side to jump around from application to application without having multiple tabs open. Another unique feature of Zoho CRM Plus is that you can navigate between the different application settings on the top when you click on the settings cogwheel. This comes in handy when trying to configure two applications to work together ie Desk and CRM. Having the settings all in one place and navigation between the applications simplified is one advantage over Zoho One.

The next product we touch on is Zoho SalesInbox, which is different then Zoho Mail. SalesInbox is an inbox tool that you can plug Zoho Mail or other mail clients into. This application organizes your inboxes via how you send out emails relating to the CRM based on the current status. We personally don’t use this tool internally but in some cases could be useful for inbox management.


To start off, we talk about the current state of Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation. Though Zoho Marketing Automation is not included, we predict that these two products will soon become one. If they don’t we would assume somewhere in the near future Zoho Marketing Automation will be added to Zoho CRM Plus. Though this is all speculation we have enough reasons to believe that one of these two scenarios will be true.

With all that being said these products are used to create and manage your email marketing. With Zoho Campaigns you can send out newsletters, drip campaigns, create scoring, writing leads into the CRM, and so much more. And like we said above Zoho Marketing Automation is very similar and though it isn’t currently part of CRM Plus it most likely will be soon.

Next in the marketing suite is Zoho Social. This product does exactly what the name says, it is a Social Media Management tool. With this product, you can schedule out social posts, set rules up within your team for scheduling, get notifications on your different channels, and manage multiple brands. Currently, it integrates with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Another powerful tool included with CRM Plus for marketing is Zoho Survey. Very similar to Survey Monkey, and allows you to send surveys out to your clients. This product has great integration and functions for Zoho CRM and Campaigns. It has continuous improvements being made to it and also has a lot of power when it comes to triggering functions. We highly recommend this product.

Marketing Analytics and Chatbots

The last product for marketing is a true juggernaut, Zoho SalesIQ. This unique product is a web engagement platform that does two things well. The first is visitor tracking. You can see what IPs visit your site and how long they spend on each page with visitor tracking. The second is a very intuitive and slick chatbot. With the recent revamping of Zoho SalesIQ 2.0, the chatbot has come a long way. Depending on your business and how you want to interact with visitors on your website the new chatbots add a plethora of options.

Support & Collaboration

One product reigns supreme for both CRM Plus and even Zoho One, Zoho Desk. This is going to be your ticketing-based support system. It also includes a KB (knowledge base) where your company can set up resources for your clients to use and refer to. These KB also integrate great with the chatbots in Zoho SalesIQ as well as articles that post directly to your website. Another product we heavily use and implement for most of our clients.

Zoho Projects is Zoho’s project management application. If you want to track every single thing in a project this is the tool you go to. From milestones, timesheets, external users, task dependencies, to tying into the CRM, Zoho Projects is an extremely powerful application. Also, template creation for projects is easy to configure, making future projects easy to set up.

Business Process

The last product we cover part of Zoho CRM Plus is Zoho Analytics. This is a product we deploy for pretty much every single client of ours. The beautiful thing about analytics is it has prebuilt connectors into these other applications such as Zoho CRM, Projects, Desk, etc. It also allows you to pull data from multiple applications into one source. It also has connectors with outside applications as well, so pulling in third-party data sources is also relatively easy with these pre-built connectors.


Interested in Zoho CRM Plus or want to know more? Visit our bundle page to see more information about each application or book an appointment to see how we can help get you started!

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