5 Overlooked Zoho Applications

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Third Annual Zenmys rounded up your favorite Zoho applications from 2022. The winners include Zoho CRM, Analytics, Cliq, Creator, and WorkDrive. While we do agree that these are amazing applications, there are some other top applications that didn’t grab a Zenmy this year. Here’s our picks for the most underrated Zoho applications! Zoho Flow[…]

Zoho SalesIQ Widgets Now Display Actionable Data from Multiple Integrations

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Handlers in Widgets: There are two handlers that widgets function on: Detail Handler  This handler can be used to configure the information that will be displayed when a widget is rendered. The parameters available in this handler are operator, environment and context. Action Handler  The Action Handler can be used to specify what happens when[…]

Zoho SalesIQ Codeless Bots: Storing Data with Context & Vistor Fields

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Save in bot context:Using certain elements in the Codeless bot platform, you can store the information that was collected inside the bot context temporarily till the visitor/bot ends the conversation. This information can be further used across flows to make different decisions.” “Save in visitor fields:Bot context is a data definition that is used to[…]

Zoho SalesIQ Codeless Bots: Integration Blocks

Reading Time: < 1 minute “What are Integration blocks? Integration blocks in the Codeless bot platform can be used to perform integration-related operations like mail subscription, ticket creation, lead creation, etc. These blocks work based on the integration configuration.“ Yet another guide and walkthrough for the new Zoho SalesIQ Codeless Bots. This one is definitely a key component to bot[…]

SalesIQ Codeless Bots: Response Blocks

Reading Time: < 1 minute What is the blocks gallery?The Blocks gallery is a collection of enriched UI elements & actions offered by SalesIQ that can be used to define the interaction flow while building your bot.Response Blocks:This category of blocks can be used to collect information from the visitor to complete the flow. Listed below are the available response[…]

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