Supercharging Support with Zoho Desk

Customer support can be a difficult business. The reality is that every company needs some sort of support apparatus for aiding their customers when difficulties arise. Difficulties will inevitably arise: no company yet has avoided problems completely.

Zoho Desk can help organize interactions for your tech support team while improving their productivity and reducing future problems.

Support Anyone, Anywhere

unified multichannel communication

Client communications can come from anywhere. Users expect a response quickly, no matter when they contact you. You’re lucky if users don’t just shout your name out loud and expect to you materialize nearby. 

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With this in mind, Zoho Desk works with client communications from all sources. No matter where customers choose to request your attention, you can respond rapidly and helpfully. Requests for help can come over email, social media, live chat, telephone, and web forms.

Communication is Key

Depending on the type of client communication you tend to receive, you can automatically import all comments where your channel is tagged. Or, you can configure Zoho Desk so that only posts with specific keywords are converted into support tickets. This saves your tech support team valuable time. By ensuring they only spend time on issues that are actually within their purview.

Zoho Desk auto conversion settings

Calls received over cloud telephony systems can be logged, recorded, and monitored. Then converted into tickets associated with the logged call information for easy auditing. Web forms can be built with Zoho Forms to automatically integrate into Zoho Desk. 

You can also offer personalized interaction options, allowing users to submit a ticket directly through your webpage. This is the most traditional system for creating a ticket, where the user fills out a webform. This helps self-qualify tech support leads without the need for direct interaction up until the point a tech is ready to answer the user’s question. With careful application of mandatory form fields, support questions can be automatically sent to the correct technician in your group.

Zoho Desk personalized interaction

Regardless of the channel, the communications originated on, all can be managed from within Zoho Desk. You can also search across all tickets simultaneously. This helps your team track past and present tickets more effectively, without a need to reference their original source material. 

Creating Self-Service Help Centers for Common Problems

Tech support is plagued by users requesting solutions to simple problems. This has been happening since the dawn of phone-based tech support. And even with the ever-increasing knowledge and skill of the computing public, the problem still persists. Whether it is novice users or someone unmotivated to solve their own problems, tech support can waste a ton of time resolving simple problems. This leaves far less time for dealing with client requests that are actually important and that require their expertise. 

Zoho Desk Support Chat

This problem can be reduced by creating a user self-service portal. Since most folks search for the solution to their problem on the internet before calling tech support, properly keyworded help articles can keep users from clogging up the phone lines. This can take the form of an FAQ page, a knowledge base, help pages, or existing documentation. Zoho Desk can manage and preset all of these features while styling itself with your website’s HTML and CSS, mapping to your own domain name. 

Turn Your Knowledgebase Into a Success Tool

Knowledgebase pages can integrate with Google Analytics, adding additional insight to your business intelligence. If users frequently have a hard time with one feature of your product, you’ll see that in your Zoho Desk analytics. Then, you can track down the problem causing the customer issues and solve or evaluate the product to better meet customer expectations. In addition, individual articles can be rated, helping you find places needing improvement. 

Of course, a knowledge base is not of much use if users can’t find the solution to their problems. As a result, you need to ensure you’re employing appropriate SEO strategies on your knowledge base pages. This means carefully including the correct keywords in your help pages to ensure the user arrives at them when they are needed. Because your domain name likely matches the name the product you’re supporting, or, at the very least, the manufacturer of that product, you’ll have a built-in high domain authority that will improve your SEO results above and beyond those provided by third-party sources. You can also take advantage of Zoho Desk’s built-in client-facing search tools. This enables users to search your knowledge base from a webpage search box, trawling your existing documentation with Zoho’s search smarts. 

More Than Just a Help Desk

In addition to the knowledge base, you can create support forums using Zoho Desk’s Community tools. This communication platform provides chat-like tools for conversing with users. Users can directly pose questions to the community and have them answered in turn by staff or other community members. It’s fundamentally similar to an old-style web form, with threads for each conversation and profiles for each user. Tech support staff has moderator-type powers to answer questions and make announcements, helping your most interested users stay in the loop about new features, product launches, and interesting updates. 

They can communicate directly with Zia, Zoho’s smart AI-powered chatbot, to get solutions to their questions. For example, a question like “Do you have expedited delivery” could return pages for delivery options. If you’ve titled your help pages intelligently, you can also return a support article closely linked to the keywords of the question. 

Increasing Agent Productivity

Zoho Desk also helps tech support teams manage their tickets and improve their productivity. You can use Kanban-style boards to analyze a large number of tickets quickly and rapidly sort your queue for the most important tickets. If it’s not clear from the headline, you can also peek inside tickets with Ticket Peek, which allows you to see the most recent client communications without actually opening or entering the ticket. 

Most tech support team members are aware of how similar so many support tickets can end up being. While repetition does improve skill, it can get to a point that additional requests are simply irritating. Avoid employee frustration and burnout by incorporating automated and generated responses. You can create templates for your staff to use when replying to customers, including the options based on keywords and sentiment. 

Tailor Your Help Desk

These templates can include modifiable placeholders that allow your team to carefully tailor their responses to the situation, or send the default form of the message, as appropriate. These auto-generated responses can also include links to the appropriate knowledge base support articles, which can provide an additional resource for user education or offer a different instructional mode, like a video instead of text. The more ways you can communicate accurate and relevant information to the client in their time of confusion, the more useful you can be. 

Avoid incorrect task assignments by automating tickets to technicians. Zoho Desk includes an automatic system to prevent two agents working on the same ticket at the same time. This agent collision detection guarantees that work won’t be duplicated. 

For auditing options, management can monitor and track the amount of time each agent spends on each ticket. This can produce useful analysis on employee productivity and help you stay on top of potential productivity issues before they become major concerns. The built-in dashboard for Zoho Desk gives users detailed insights.


Zoho Desk enriches your manpower, enhancing their ability to do their jobs effectively and intelligently. With automated ticket management, powerful search, and process automation, your team becomes super-powered.


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