Zoho Campaigns Full Product Tutorial – 2022

In this tutorial, we review Zoho’s email marketing tool, Zoho Campaigns. This application allows marketers to manage leads and contacts they wish to send targeted emails to for both one-off emails or fully built-out drip campaigns.


Please use the following time stamps below to navigate the various sections of this product overview:

  • 1:37 Agenda
  • 2:20 Product Overview/Settings
  • 9:55 Creating Topics
  • 12:37 CRM Integration/Sync
  • 20:25 Segments & Topic Assignments
  • 27:29 Sending Campaigns
  • 38:57 Email Workflows
  • 53:52 Questions & Answers

What is Zoho Campaigns?

Zoho Campaigns is Zoho’s email marketing solution that allows businesses to create, design, and manage their email marketing campaigns. These campaigns are often many businesses’ first or second point of contact with their leads or clients. And having a well-designed campaign with analytics you can use to make decisions for future emails is crucial to help any business grow. They can also be used for nurturing leads or clients with a series of emails specific to interests shared. You can even set up a series of emails and depending on how each client interacts with the email a different email is then sent. Or a notification is created. Or even a task!

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With that all being said, there are multiple layers and options to each of these items. For example, designing a campaign can be done using a premade template, using custom HTML, or building your own design and template with Zoho’s drag-and-drop builder. In this Zoho Campaign’s product overview, we focus on setting up and utilizing some of the key features within Campaigns and the different options you may encounter.

Here are some key reasons you should consider using Zoho Campaigns:

  • Create emails that stand out
  • Track your click-through rate
  • Excellent integrations with other Zoho or 3rd party apps
  • Easily segment audiences
  • Create drip campaigns with ease
  • Advanced workflow automation capability
  • Excellent in-depth reporting
  • and much more…

Other Resources

Don’t forget to check out our other resources on Zoho Campaigns which dives deeper into some features not discussed in this product overview. And as always, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and drop us a line.


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