Why You Need A CRM

If you came of age in the business world before the popularity of the computer, CRMs might seem like some newfangled kids toy that real businesses can do without. But CRMs are now the defacto standard for managing customer information. They save time, improve productivity, grow your customer base, and enable effective salespeople.

Automate Customer Emails

From welcoming a new subscriber to following up on a deal in progress, emails are a crucial method of communication in the sales pipeline. But if your organization is like most, it sends the same emails to everyone, just at different time points. Program those emails into Zoho CRM, and Zoho can send those emails automatically, with no need for user intervention or confirmation.

You can also use email templates, which save the layout and design of an email for later use. Then, you can plug in your own variables and blanks, customizing the same basic email each time its sent. A proper templating system allows sales and marketing staff to send better-looking emails with more effective language, improving your return on investment.

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Qualify and Segment Leads Instantly

Based on the attributes of your leads, Zoho CRM can automatically sort them into the correct segments. For example, it can use lead data like location, company, job title, email address, name, or any other data within your lead profile.

Any populated data field can be used for automated lead segmentation with Zoho CRM’s Workflows. These “if this, then that” rules can run a wide variety of operations on your data based on the leads’ attributes. For example, if a lead signed up for your email list but wrote their job title as “IT Specialist,” they’re unlikely to be a major target for your sales team. That contact can get sorted to the bottom of the pile, while those with more decision-making power are contacted first.

These workflows can be run over your list automatically, like when a lead is added, or manually, like old-fashioned email rules. You can even move leads from one list to another automatically as they progress through your sales pipeline into prospects and customers.

Unearth Forgotten Prospects

Replying to prospects quickly is a great way to establish your relationship. When people respond to our requests right away, we think of them as thoughtful, responsive, and personally invested in our success. So don’t leave that up to your ability to notice email notifications. Instead, you can use the automated emails and Zoho’s email template system to give prospects a meaningful touchpoint.

But how do you know which prospects to reach out to? Zoho CRM includes powerful search and filtering tools to surface the prospects that most urgently need your attention. With Zoho CRM, you can create custom views and filters that show only the prospects you need to see. For this situation, you might set a view that only shows prospects with an unclosed deal that has sent an email to you most recently. You can then iterate through that punch list to make sure all the prospects that need attention get exactly what they’re looking for, and fast.

Know Everything, All The Time

If you’re serious about growing your business, a CRM of some kind is essential. Only with the help of a computer can you work at the rate needed to support growth hacking or fast ramp-ups in your customer base. Zoho CRM supports this goal especially well, with the automated email and Workflow functionality mentioned above.

But beyond the tools it offers, Zoho CRM’s database itself is invaluable. You can retain correct and useful information about each lead in the record itself, ensuring that important data is never lost or trapped in someone’s email account.

With good CRM practices, customers never need to repeat themselves. Salespeople never need to ask associates about the status of a prospect. Marketers know exactly who to email and when. With disciplined rules about your CRM, your data will quickly become an indispensable part of your daily business operations. This improves the customer experience, leading to more personal recommendations. You’ll work faster, smarter, and easier, and you’ll wonder how you could have gone without.


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