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One Firefly – Case Study

Executive Summary

One Firefly is a full-service digital marketing agency with services including web design, content marketing, paid ads, graphic design, social media, and consultation. They are a team of over 65 who work remotely throughout the United States and Mexico.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Zenatta, our organization was relying on manual efforts to complete many of the actions that are now automated within the CRM. Zenatta has helped us utilize more capabilities within the CRM through implementation of custom functions and has expanded our understanding of how to use Zoho Flow to create our own automations that are not possible within the basic Workflow Rule capabilities of the CRM. Prior to Zenatta we were also working in a disparate IT stack that required our team to manually transfer information, seek out information, and gather data manually which severely impacted our ability to reliably scale the business. We were using Workfront for Project Management (now Zoho Projects), Exchange servers for email and calendar (now Google Workspace integrated with Zoho), and Basecamp for client communications (now running through the CRM through the Gmail integration). We have plans to incorporate more elements of the Zoho One platforms as well.

Cameron Howitt, Internal Product Manager


Besides some of the common workflow automation often implemented inside the CRM, here were some of the unique implementations that were completed for One Firefly.

When they first came to us, they used Adobe Workfront as their project management solution. In order to transition One Firefly from Workfront to Zoho Projects the following implementations were completed:

  • Migrating all project templates from Adobe Workfront to Zoho Projects.
  • Automate the creation of Zoho Projects and task list templates when a Deal is marked as Closed Won.
    • This is based on the Line Items module we created that is linked to the products module and opportunities.
    • We then use custom fields on the products module to tell us what task list to create if that product is sold on a Deal.
  • Built out some Analytics to link Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM data together. Helped train their team on how to manage the Analytics on their end to build meaningful reports as needed and helped look into the simplest ways to add data in from other third-party data sources.
    • They can now see what they made on a service (based on line item) and how many man hours it took (based on projects hour logs).

Another implementation worth sharing was a referral program they wanted to be set up. Based on what they were looking for, here were the various connections between Zoho products that achieved their goal:

  • Set up a process where potential referral partners can apply through a Zoho Form. That pushes them into the CRM to be tracked through their approval process as partners.
    • A Zoho Sign agreement is automatically generated and sent over to the referral partner
    • We track the Zoho Sign document in a custom module so that we can update the referral partner record based on the status of the agreement
    • Once the document is signed, we move the referral partner forward in the pipeline to be an active referral partner that can be tagged to leads/deals


The team at Zenatta continues to be an invaluable resource to me and our team to help us understand the possibilities and path to integrate more platforms and remove the many of the manual effort steps that have affected our processes for years. Zenatta not only provides great service through the consulting time we utilize with the team but also through the Club Zenatta, the CRM Zen Show, the resource library on the website and through the YouTube channel. Zenatta has quickly overtaken Zoho’s own support mechanism as our go-to for Zoho support and consultation.

Our migration from Workfront to Zoho One (Projects) alone is saving our business over 15K per year. Not to mention the added benefit of using Zoho Analytics to perform in-depth analysis on our data that was previously done through spreadsheets and manual computation.

Every time we speak with a customer who is entertaining the idea of implementing a Zoho CRM I always recommend they connect with Zenatta to help through the process. The reason is simple; having experts in your corner is the right move. People who understand the full capabilities of a platform and have the know-how to implement is a great investment. It is far greater than spending a boat load of time trying to learn the solution yourself only to learn that you’ve done it wrong and the process needs to be redesigned as the business grows and constraints are met.

Cameron Howitt, Internal Product Manager

Billy Bates

Senior Web Developer

Billy is a Wordpress Developer with an eye for design. His knowledge will help our company website and client sites meet their goals. Billy and his young family have just moved to Ashland Oregon, and are looking forward to exploring the area’s amazing beer, wine, and food. He also has a passion for synthesizers and drum machines.

Lucas Sant'Anna


With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. In previous jobs, he implemented industrial job scheduling, fleet management and detailed long-haul route optimization – among other data-driven processes – to reach objectives of increased profit and reduced wasted resources. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions.