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CRM Zen Show Episode 213 – All Aboard! The CSS SalesIQ

Zoho News

Implementation of the Week

  • Zoho CRM – Outstanding Deal Reminder
    • This implementation was designed to regularly notify salespeople of their open Deals that require action to move forward
    • To accomplish this, we pulled a custom SQL table within Zoho Analytics to apply some filters and criteria to the Deals
    • In this case, we only wanted to notify them of Deals without any associated Tasks
    • After pulling the data from our query table, the script then reformats the JSON data into an HTML table, and sends one email to each salesperson with a list of their Deals requiring action
    • This email contains a direct link to each Deal within the table

Code Share of the Week

  • Searching phone in Contacts and Leads with multiple formats
    • Phones are stored in the CRM as plain text. This means you can have any type of format in there!
    • This is great for flexibility of data input, but it can make it hard to search for a record using their phone number if you are not sure how exactly they are formatted, especially in Deluge.

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New On Zenatta

Application / Plug-In of the Week

  • Interactive Calculator
    • And speaking of our calculator, this is the app we used to build it. This robust calculator builder will create the calculator you need, allowing you to style it just like you want and update it any time you need.

Tips and Tricks

  • How To Migrate From QuickBooks Into Zoho Books
    • Looking to migrate from Quickbooks into Zoho Books? In this video, John walks through all steps needed to migrate your data from QuickBooks to Zoho Books. There is even a set of docs you can download to use as a guide in the video description.

Billy Bates

Senior Web Developer

Billy is a Wordpress Developer with an eye for design. His knowledge will help our company website and client sites meet their goals. Billy and his young family have just moved to Ashland Oregon, and are looking forward to exploring the area’s amazing beer, wine, and food. He also has a passion for synthesizers and drum machines.

Lucas Sant'Anna


With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. In previous jobs, he implemented industrial job scheduling, fleet management and detailed long-haul route optimization – among other data-driven processes – to reach objectives of increased profit and reduced wasted resources. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions.