The CRM Zen Show Episode 180 – Wanna Work for Zoho? Get A ZhD

Zoho News

Implementation of the Week

  • CRM scheduled function for bulk-record round-robin by user role
    • For lower volume record creation, workflow functions can be used to round-robin ownership
    • For bulk record creations (ex: syncs from 3rd party systems), workflow functions will not suffice
    • Scheduled functions can run on large sets of records much more efficiently
    • Round-robin function queries against active CRM users in a specific role to determine who is eligible to receive owner

This Weeks Read

crm health checks

New Blogs, Videos, and Resource Guides

Application / Plug-In of the Week

  • Ecamm
    • We just started using this product and it is amazing.
    • Key features in the standard plan include:
      • Unlimited Streaming to all Platforms
      • Multi-Streaming via & Switchboard
      • Custom Overlays & Branding
      • Screen Sharing with Picture-in-Picture
      • and much more!

Tips and Tricks

One thought on “The CRM Zen Show Episode 180 – Wanna Work for Zoho? Get A ZhD

  1. In the zoho manual for Zoho People there is a distinction between users and employee profiles

    One is a “paying customer” with an email and a login to use zoho…
    The other is a person who will not be having those privileges or needs…
    I got this information here:

    yet I can’t seem to get the employee profiles into org chart etc.

    PS I really want to get a Zoho Phd however I would rather take it from you guys rather than Zoho (I find their tech support and teaching to be difficult. You guys should start your own paid for Zoho University.

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