A Few Things To Look Forward To Announced At Zoholics

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Last week, we shared the opening experience of Zoholics London and what to expect for the next 25 years. This week, we thought we would share some of the main highlights announced from Zoholics ranging from new products to enhancements to existing applications. Though we can’t give the exact details on some of the things revealed, here are some insights on upcoming releases and features.

Marketing Tool Improvements

One of the opening keynotes focused on Marketing Plus and Zoho’s big focus on improving the UX. Zoho is committed to becoming a key player in this industry, unifying all its marketing applications. These tools have existed for some time now, but if you are familiar with them, most of them work well but are missing a few elements to make them great. Though we can’t go into great detail until the official announcements, these updates improve existing applications and the integrations with others.

Though much of what was discussed applied to the Marketing Plus bundle, there is good news for Zoho One users. We can hopefully see some of the unique features, such as the Brand Manager and the Marketing Plus Dashboard, coming soon to Zoho One.

automate your business ad

But what will that look like? After getting a sneak peek at the new Marketing Automation 2.0, it will complement the other marketing applications rather than what has seemed to be a competing product to Campaigns.

Overall, some excellent updates to be excited for this next year.

Tired Of Your Browser?

Based on the headline, you probably already know where we are going with this, desktop applications. Zoho One being the operating system for business, they are expanding this vision into one unified desktop application. The first part of this vision was announced at Zoholics, codename Trident. This desktop app brings all of the Zoho Workplace applications into one desktop application.

Additionally, when sharing this new project, the ongoing theme was an improved unification of existing applications within the browser versions and for mobile and desktop applications alike. There wasn’t an exact timeline, but it is safe to say that it is in the works and to expect significant application unification for mobile and desktop.

New Applications

As if 50+ applications aren’t enough. “Our focus is to continue adding value to every function of your business by accomplishing more with less.” 

Besides Trident, the first new application announced was Zoho Apptics.

“Simple and Secured Analytics for apps. An application analytics tool to measure the in-app metrics and understand how your app is performing, analyze usage trends, and to optimize your app. Engage, retain, and convert your first-time app users to lifetime users.”

Some other applications we can’t go into detail but are getting new features or improvements are Zoho CRM, RouteIQ, Marketing Automation, Calendar, and Zoho Desk. We can share that Zoho Desk’s big update is new Guided Conversations based on Zoho’s constantly improving AI. RouteIQ is receiving improvements to its route mapping and revenue guesstimation, also utilizing AI.

Speaking of AI, Zia has some great new features as well. You can now fetch data by typing in a question. Much like a Google search, Zia will be able to filter data within your applications even better than before. The new Zia “Search Cards’ create expanded functionality by being able to compare data and search data across the various Zoho applications.

Want to know more about everything discussed for yourself? We highly recommend whether you are a partner, customer, or just interested in learning more about Zoho in, attending an upcoming Zoholics near you. Check out the Zoholics page to see an upcoming event near you and for other events, be sure to check out our events page.

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