5 Quick Tips To Improve Productivity

Today, it is easy to get distracted or find yourself in a rut of unproductiveness. From social media to the endless games and applications we might have on our personal devices, it is easy to lose focus. Whether you work remotely or go into an office smartphones among other things makes it easy to lose track of time and tasks.

It is amazing how our own minds are often our worse enemies. Luckily there are some tricks and habits to build that can help you cut down on your distractions and boost productivity. Here are a few pointers on us.

Set a schedule

It sounds easier than it actually is. But be a stickler and take control of your calendar.

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  • Figure out what times during the day you feel most productive for certain tasks. Maybe you feel more alert and on top of things in the morning, which would be a better time to get more difficult tasks done. Or perhaps you aren’t a morning person and you feel more productive after lunch in the afternoon.
  • Manage both your work and personal life from one calendar. This will help prevent any scheduling conflicts and give you a clearer snapshot of everything going on for the week.
  • Focus on one week at a time. Start your week going through all the various tasks you need to accomplish for that week. Once you have a clear outline of that week you can then narrow in on each day.
  • Share your calendar. This allows others to know when you are busy and what you are working on. It opens doors for collaberation and will help cut down on distractions from team members if they see you are busy and working on something.
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Get to “Inbox Zero”

There are a ton of resources out there for email management. We even have a few articles ourselves for managing your email, but “email triage” should be the first thing you do to start your day. As part of your schedule, a best practice is to start your day before any meetings or other tasks is to go through your emails. Ultimately as you go through your tens or hundreds of emails, the goal is to achieve “Inbox Zero”, meaning your primary inbox is completely empty.

Why is this important?

  • For starters, the overwhelming stress from too many emails in your inbox will go away.
  • You will never leave someone waiting to hear back from you.
  • This being a task within itself, is a great rewarding feeling to start the day as you accomplish your first task for the day.
  • You will constantly feel in control of both your internal and external tasks.

Interested? Here is another great article to walk you through a proper Inbox Zero configuration for Gmail.

Don’t Multitask

This is an easy trap to fall into, especially if you work on a computer. It is easy to feel like we are getting more done if we work on multiple tasks at the same time. However, it has been proven our brains don’t work like that. Not only do they not work like that according to a study from Stanford, but it is also bad for our mental health too. So next time you consider juggling multiple tasks at once, stop and commit to one. Your brain will thank you for it later.

Take Advantage Of Your Commute

Whether you drive, take the train, or even if you work from home, take advantage of your commute time in a positive productive way.

Woman working on train

For those working from home, take advantage of the extra time gained by exercising, reading, making a healthy breakfast, meditating, etc. Find something other than social media or TV to jump-start your day. If you drive find a podcast or something educational that will stimulate your mind in something that interests you or your career. And if you happen to be the passenger use this time to catch up on emails and tasks.

Make Your Workspace Your Own Zen Garden

Well, don’t actually turn it into an actual garden, if you do though please send us a photo. But the point is most of us spend most of the year at our work station. Here are some things to consider for your workspace:

  • Keep your workspace clean and clutter free as often as possible.
  • Add some personal items such as pictures or memorobilia.
  • Liven it up, add a plant or two!
  • Invest in your office chair. Finding a good chair can cut down on distractions from being uncomfortable and having to get up.
  • If you work from home and have the option, pick a quieter location and preferably one with the best view.
Tyler from Zenatta's home office

Implement these few tips in your daily routine and alleviate stress while boosting productivity!


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