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While many Zoho users work with a few Zoho applications, more are seeing the benefits of embracing the full Zoho package with Zoho One. This suite of business software contains over 40 powerful applications that can help with every aspect of the business world.

Learn how this software package gives businesses of every size a significant return on investment. When your whole organization runs on Zoho, it will streamline your operation, improve your communication, and simplify your daily work processes.

1. A Comprehensive Solution

Small and medium-sized businesses tend to accumulate software in a piecemeal fashion. As they grow, they realize they need accounting software, marketing solutions, and communication platforms. When there are software needs that remain unmet, they are put off until the next budget cycle.

With Zoho One, businesses start with every application necessary for a productive workplace. In addition to the standard office productivity tools like Zoho Writer and Sheets, this suite has applications for finance, human resources, and group management. You will track your current client base effectively with Zoho CRM and attract new customers with Zoho’s marketing tools.

Zoho One also includes software that will improve your day-to-day operations. Your teams will communicate more effectively, and your managers will handle projects more efficiently.

Zoho One Products

If you were adding these applications one by one, it would take years of trial and error at great expense. Zoho One gives small businesses access to enterprise-level software.

2. An Integrated Approach to Business

One of the challenges of the piecemeal software approach is the lack of integration. When software applications cannot communicate, it means time lost on manual data entry. One of the advantages of upgrading to Zoho One is that easy integration is part of every application.

It saves a great deal of time when processes happen automatically. As soon as a salesperson logs a transaction, the client information goes into the CRM application. The sale registers in the Zoho Accounting application. With the Zoho Checkout Application, online sales will generate similar data points. All of these actions happen in real-time without extra data entry.

Zoho One Tree

Similarly, the ability of productivity tools to interact with project management tools allows for fast report generation and sharing. Zoho Analytics can work with every application to give you a clear view of your business’s performance.

3. Easy Customization

Your business model is unique. Software designed for general use will not always meet your needs. Zoho One handles this issue by offering powerful customization options. Zoho Creator gives your team members the ability to create unique applications that will enhance your workflow. With Creator, a well-designed GUI makes it possible to design applications that perform across platforms and devices. This software also allows for greater integration with APIs and other software platforms.

Zoho Creator

Zoho One gives you several options to customize performance. Low code and no code frameworks are available for creating or extending features. If you are uncertain about how to proceed, a certified partner like Zenatta can help you manage your software and enhance the digital functionality of your business.

4. Account-Based Access

Today’s workforce is on the move. More businesses are adding remote workers to their staff, and every employee needs access to the business’s productivity and management software. Without a real-time connection, communication and cooperation will suffer.

Zoho One gives your employees account-based access to its online resources. A staff member can start a report at the office on a work computer and finish at a remote site on a laptop or PC.

Account-based access is also a helpful security measure. You can decide the small number of employees who need access to every application and limit the access of others. These limits will prevent unintentional mistakes or double entries.

5. Flexible Pricing Model

If you add up what you are currently paying for software, you will probably find that the benefits of Zoho One give you a better ROI. Zoho has two pricing models for the software suite that make it suitable for both SMB and enterprise-level businesses. The flexible-user pricing model is $90 per month for each authorized user in your organization. This price is helpful if only a few of your employees need to use the software.

Zoho One Annual Pricing
Annual Pricing

If you are a computer-dependent business, you may want to consider the all-employee pricing model. In this arrangement, the monthly charge per employee drops to $35 per month, but you must purchase a user license for every employee in your organization.

6. Zia: The Zoho Intelligent Assistant

Artificial intelligence is an expanding technical field. Zoho has included business AI to make the Zoho One experience even more dynamic. Zia, the Zoho digital assistant, can sift through your business’s data and perform quick analysis and reporting. If you need an overview of the monthly figures, just ask Zia to generate a bar chart or spreadsheet.

To find the best time to send your next marketing email, Zia can look at past results for opens and clicks in a few seconds. When you are writing that email, your digital assistant can make suggestions to improve your content and style. This AI tool will also analyze incoming customer requests and offer ways to streamline support calls. Zoho One’s business AI has the potential to improve your sales, enhance your customer support and empower leaders to make informed decisions.

7. Mobile Access Included

When people think of business software, they are used to programs on a desktop or laptop. These days, people are doing more business on their mobile devices. In addition to the full suite of Zoho software, a benefit to upgrading to Zoho One is the included access to mobile versions of the applications.

Zoho CRM Mobile App Download

No matter where you are, you can track projects, communicate and access relevant information. If you must be out of the office, you will know that things are running smoothly.

8. Strong Security Measures

The advantage of a cloud-based system is accessibility. However, this benefit can become a liability if robust security measures are not in place. A security breach that impacts client data will do damage to your business’s reputation.

Zoho One maintains end-to-end encryption to protect client data. Every Zoho application goes through several rounds of security analysis to find and address any weak points. Zoho understands that secure data is essential to the health of your business.

The company also gives security options within your organization. Every employee does not need access to sensitive client data. The Zoho CRM application features role-based access. You can limit the number of employees who can view or modify customer information. This practice will prevent accidental changes and maintain data safety.

9. Dynamic Support

With over 40 applications, there is an overwhelming amount of information available. Zoho recognizes the amount of time it takes to sift through documentation. The company provides several options to support your business. You can also utilize our free resource library here at Zenatta as well as our weekly updated YouTube channel.

Zoho has online guides and videos that will walk you through the basics of setting up the system. You can also learn how to take advantage of more advanced features like Zia, system integration, and remote operation. The company offers regular seminars to introduce new features and offer ongoing support. Certified partners like Zenatta are available to work with you to optimize your system.

10. Increased Efficiency

The cumulative benefits of Zoho One create a dramatic increase in efficienc. You will be amazed at how much time your employees spent on repetitive tasks that will now happen automatically. With clear lines of communication and workflow, there will be less time spent on indecision and second-guessing. When Zoho One is well-implemented, it will change the way you do business for the better.

Your Certified Zoho One Partner

If our Zoho One review has convinced you to consider the software for your business, Zenatta Consulting is ready to help. Schedule your free consultation today!

Many businesses put off updating their software due to cost or fears of a steep learning curve. With Zoho One and Zenatta Consulting, you will have an affordable software solution with a smooth implementation. Is it time for a comprehensive software solution for your business?

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