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This guide by Zoho gives an in-depth look at Zoho CRM Data Security. Constant updates and improvements to data security help ensure companies are protected from malicious attacks.  Understanding these security layers is a must in today’s business world because without it you’re in trouble. In this guide, you will find what they are and how to apply them to your CRM.

“Managing the complexities of security administration is one of the growing concerns in any enterprise, even more so when it comes to organizations which deal with e-commerce and have large networks. In such demanding times, the availability of security management is extremely crucial, as it can affect all sectors of an enterprise. Organizations which have a large customer base need to have complex security systems in place to keep their data from reaching the hands of unauthorized users.”

Having your company administrators implement these is a must. With these security measures in place, the only vulnerability left would be a sophisticated phishing attack. However, with proper training this is avoidable. Educating your employees on what to look for is quick and easy, but should be reinforced often.

The following topics are covered for Zoho CRM Data Security:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • SMS Text Message/Voice Call
  • OneAuth
  • Verification Codes
  • Trusted Browsers
  • Backup Phone Number
  • Account Settings
  • Allowed IP addresses
  • Data Encryption

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