Zoho CRM Custom Apps: A Beginners Guide

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This guide by Zoho is a great quick reference to get you started building Zoho CRM custom apps.  Like most things, once you have a grasp on how it works it only gets easier and easier, this is also true with creating custom applications for Zoho CRM.  

“CRM is the backbone of any organization. It manages all your business data in one place, like no other tool. It is one that keeps the organization in perfect shape; unless you bend it the wrong way. But there are those minor, yet important tasks that you could get off your back by stretching your CRM a bit. What CRM needs, is a shot in the arm; custom apps that bridge gaps. These custom applications extend the capabilities of CRM, while managing to keep it in one piece.”

In this guide the following topics are covered for Zoho CRM Custom Apps:

  • Zoho Creator
  • How to enable custom apps
  • Creating your first app
  • Adding workflows to your app
  • Task Scheduler

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Are you looking to give Zoho CRM a try? Here is a free trial to see if it is a fit for your business.

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