Zoho CRM Blueprint Handbook

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This guide by Zoho gives an in-depth look at Zoho CRM Blueprints. In this handbook, the powerful automation tool that is Blueprint is explained in-depth and includes exercises to sharpen your skillset.

Blueprint is Zoho CRM’s simple and effective solution to your process automation requirements.  It is designed to help you execute a business process in a well-defined and systematic manner. With a Blueprint you can:

  • Define the sequence of stages in a process
  • Associate the right people to each stage.
  • Guide your teams through the execution of the process.
  • Mandate and validate important information contextually.
  • Automate routine actions.

First, using states and transitions, design a blueprint to fit your business’s needs.  Automate stages so when your sales teams complete a task, it will trigger a new step of tasks to keep a consistency of business processes.  Also, one can trigger automated emails based on a template of your design, new tasks created, and fields updated.

The following topics are covered for Zoho CRM Blueprints:

  • Blueprint Overview
  • Designing a Blueprint
    • Defining the Process Flow
    • Configuring Transition Properties
  • Executing a Blueprint
    • Accessing your Blueprint Records
    • The Blueprint Status Field
    • Common Transition
    • Blueprint Reports
    • Continuous Blueprint
  • Exercises for Blueprint
  • FAQs
  • Additional Resources

Core skillsets for building a Zoho CRM blueprint are covered in this guide and will help you establish some essential fundamentals.  If you found this useful, but want to learn more, check out our video guides for more in-depth coverage.  Don’t see the guide you are looking for?  Drop us a line, and we would be happy to add it to our resource library.

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Are you looking to give Zoho CRM a try? Here is a free trial to see if it is a fit for your business.

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