Why Should Your Business Consider A Podcast?

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It’s 2022, and safe to say most of us listen to podcasts.  For most, it is a daily or weekly ritual of escaping into a new show or story.  While at the same time, many also use it as an extra layer to stay on top of their profession.  And if you are one of those people that have incorporated your favorite podcast into your weekly routine, you are engaged the entire time. According to BuzzSprout, 26% of the American population listens to a podcast every week, and the rest of the world follows closely in suit.

So, what does this mean for your business? Let’s take a look at some reasons a podcast would benefit your business and why you should consider one.

The Best Kind of Engagement

Before we dive into the direct business benefits, let’s first look at some general statistics for podcasts. To start with, there are 50 million weekly podcast listeners alone in the US, and that number continues to grow year-over-year. Additionally, engagement is probably the best you could ask for in terms of user retention. Did you know that for the last two years, surveys show that 80% of listeners either listen to most or the entire podcast?

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Also, small business owners make up almost 40% of the listeners. The passive consumption of information is what makes podcast engagement one of the strongest in the market. With all of that said, it’s safe to say podcasts aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Let’s take a look how this new audience can help your business.

Next Level Brand Exposure

When it comes to exposing your brand, podcasts are excellent for multiple reasons.

Build A Fan Club

First of all, as you start to pump out a podcast on a regular schedule, you create a loyal fanbase. These fans help create a community around your brand and build you as an authority in the industry. Granted that you are providing useful insight and content around your industry, that content helps build trust with future clients. By sharing your knowledge on a podcast, your fans, when they need help, will come to you. Additionally, they already have a sense of trust and a relationship built before your first sales call even happens.

More Channels

Secondly, getting your podcast out onto multiple platforms is easy. There are a handful of podcast syndication tools out there that help push your podcast out to multiple platforms. Depending on the user’s platform of choice, your podcast and brand are exposed to a whole new network of platforms. This helps create an omnichannel marketing approach for your brand.

Increased Website Traffic & SEO

Lastly, your website benefits significantly from multiple factors of a podcast. For starters, you gain a healthy amount of backlinks for every episode, helping boost organic SEO. These links take users to your site on each platform also help boost traffic to your site.

Furthermore, content is key when it comes to SEO. Sometimes coming up with a new blog topic can be difficult. However, when you have a podcast, this makes things much easier. You just talked about something for an hour? Do a write-up about it and help boost your website content.

The Ideal Marketing Situation

Getting a podcast started is cheap and easy!

For starters, the only equipment you need is a computer, some storage space, and a microphone. Next, download some audio editing software for free, or if you’re feeling fancy, you can always purchase tools such as Pro Tools or Adobe Audition. Cool, now that you have your gear, slap together a content plan, and away you go.

Now, if you want to take it up a notch with sound effects, intro/outros, and a more streamlined process, there are a ton of podcast production firms that can help you get started for a very reasonable price. Also, as discussed above about brand exposure, the leads generated from your podcast, in almost all cases, will meet the desired qualifications you would want in a lead.

They Are Fun

That’s right, if you love what you do, talking about it on a podcast will be fun. And as your show grows, it only gets better with new topics, guest speakers, hell, maybe you even have some giveaways and contests for your fans. The best part is that it can significantly help generate new leads for your business and help turn your brand into an authority in the market.

So what are you waiting for? If you need help getting your podcast launched and running, check out PodcasterZen. Learn how we can help get you started with every element of the podcast, and if you are looking to convert it to video for YouTube as well, we’ve got you covered.

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