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Top 5 Features of Zoho Survey

Online surveys are one of the most powerful tools available for profiling business performance and recognizing opportunities for improvement. When customers are surveyed at the right points in time, businesses can clearly understand the best path forward for optimizing customer satisfaction, fine-tuning sales funnels, and perfecting product offerings.

Zoho Survey builder featuring half of the elements on the left.

Zoho Survey is an online app that gives businesses the power to create and manage surveys with minimal overhead. Zoho’s app can create surveys, send them to the right people, and provide smart insights into results that were obtained. Therefore, if you want your business to get the most out of your survey efforts, you should understand some of the best features that Zoho’s Survey app has to offer.

1. User-Friendly Survey Creation

It is imperative to have the ability to quickly deploy surveys to rapidly obtain insights and minimize time spent managing campaigns. Zoho’s Survey app has a clean interface that makes it easy to create new surveys with only a few clicks. The survey editor features dozens of survey types, and it lets you easily drag-and-drop new sections into your survey for dropdowns, star ratings, multiple-choice questions, email capture fields, and a wide range of other elements.

The entire process of distributing your survey can also be managed from within Survey. As soon as you have completed your survey, you can immediately make it go live by simply clicking “publish”. The app supports all major distribution channels, including email, Facebook, weblinks, and offline surveying. You can even buy responses from research panels from within Zoho’s platform.

2. Customizable Templates

One of the major challenges associated with using many of the leading survey apps is template customization. Some providers make template customization difficult by asking users to manually edit CSS and HTML properties. In response, Zoho has developed a user-friendly survey editor that enables users to get started with over 250 different fully customized themes.

Zoho Survey Templates

Templates in Zoho’s Survey suite conform to any screen size, and they come with smart features that boost response rates. Examples of these smart features include skip logic and interfaces optimized to maximize conversions. These templates also aim to serve a diverse variety of purposes. Zoho Survey features many templates that are designed for specific use cases, such as:

Customer satisfaction surveys

Surveys are the most effective tool available for measuring customer satisfaction at every touchpoint. Deploy customer satisfaction surveys on a website or send it to customers directly through email. When satisfaction surveys ask the right questions, they can substantially boost sales by ensuring that customers get exactly what they are looking for.

Marketing surveys

Surveying customers immediately after they either say “no” or decide to move forward with a purchase can help businesses to understand how to boost conversion rates. Another use case for marketing surveys is to understand the demand for new products or features.

Business intelligence surveys

Data-driven decisions are essential for remaining competitive in today’s business environment. Zoho’s Survey suite offers a wide range of templates and tools aimed at helping businesses to easily gather actionable intelligence from their customers or the general market. These tools are highly accessible, so independent researchers or entrepreneurs can make use of the same intelligence-gathering tools used by market leaders.

3. Integration With Zoho CRM

Most survey tools rely on basic customer lists that require manual copying out of your CRM. In contrast, Survey works hand-in-hand with Zoho CRM to automatically synchronize responses, time the sending of surveys properly, and send surveys to the right leads or contacts. Additionally, Survey works with CRMs and marketing tools offered by other providers.

Zoho Survey integrations

If you are using Zoho CRM, you can integrate your Survey account with your CRM database with only a few clicks. Once the integration process is complete, you can access many Survey features from within Zoho CRM. Most importantly, you can then send out a template created in Survey from within your CRM. Send out surveys individually, in batches, or by using automated workflow rules. Consequently, Survey simplifies the process of sending out surveys to your contacts while enabling you to make full use of CRM databases and marketing automation.

4. Spam Protection

Duplicate survey submissions are a major problem that businesses frequently encounter when doing surveys. Since sample sizes are generally small, even a single customer submitting multiple responses can make the data acquired from running a survey worthless. In some cases, vendors or competitors may even be behind biasing your data for the purpose of advancing their interests. Spam can be especially problematic if you plan to raffle off prizes or provide other incentives in exchange for survey responses.

As a result, Zoho Survey features spam protection that can either restrict recipients to one response or use cookie data to detect multiple entries. Additionally, password protection is included to prevent surveys from being shared on social media. You can also generate unique URLs for each recipient to prevent people from submitting multiple entries. These spam protection features keep your data reliable with little effort.

5. Affordable Pricing

Although surveying can significantly boost the bottom line of any business, the reality is that costs hold many businesses back from surveying their customers properly. Consequently, Zoho prices its product to be affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Zoho’s free tier offers unlimited surveys and access to the full range of template builders. The free tier supports up to 10 questions per survey and up to 100 responses. Other Zoho Survey features packaged into the free tier include website embeds, real-time response data, and support for 26 languages.

More advanced features are available at a relatively low price. The most inexpensive premium tier costs $25 per month. The premium tier adds support for most integrations, seamless email distribution, auto-fill logic, and spam protection.

The top enterprise tier costs just $75 per month, and it supports many of the advanced features that larger organizations require. For instance, it supports department creation, user management, and the use of up to three accounts. Add additional users for $10 per month per user.

For those of you looking to run your whole business on Zoho, Zoho Survey is included with Zoho One.

Getting the Most Out of Survey

Zoho offers a free 7-day trial for all of its Survey service tiers. Take it for a test drive before committing. Additionally, Zoho consultants, such as Zenatta, can help you to choose the package that is right for your business while ensuring that you make the most of the features that Zoho Survey has to offer.

How have surveys improved how you do business? Leave your answer below.

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