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Surveys with Zoho Campaigns

Whether you are using SurveyMonkey or Zoho Surveys this guide covers Reports, Best Practices, Integrations, and Setting Up Survey Campaigns with Zoho Campaigns.

This guide was provided by Zoho.  

An email survey is a repository of topic-relevant questions that reaches respondents and collects suggestions, feedback, and criticisms about that topic. This helps in quickly determining the target audience. This two-way communication system brings the sender and recipient closer.

What do respondents look for? 

Ask the right questions to gather the exact data you are looking for. Try out various types of questions, using a mix of both close-ended and open-ended questions. 

Close-ended questions 

With this type of question, respondents need to select from a list of preset answers. This is more like a quantitative approach, so increasing the number of contacts answering your survey matters a lot. 

Open-ended questions 

With this type of question, respondents can write their own answers. This is a qualitative analysis and relies mostly on insights and opinions. These questions can take you a step closer to your customer. 

Approach your target market with these two questions: 

Question 1 : What is your single biggest problem in this area?

 Asking questions like this helps you to easily learn about and analyze your customer’s critical pain points. Users like direct questions, and such questions will let you sow the seeds of trust.

Question 2 : Why is it so difficult to find a solution? 

This is a clear opportunity to help the customers speak their mind. A blank survey provides a great deal of help in this case. Asking users to elaborate on their problems gives them room to comfortably and conveniently share ideas and experiences.

Types of Surveys 

Event participation surveys 

Learn your user’s expectations, analyze the participant’s reaction, and measure the effectiveness of your survey after the event is over. Surveys are used as event management tools.

 Example : You could make use of Eventbrite campaigns, which help you easily organize, promote, and sell tickets to various events. Use survey campaigns to engage with your large customer base and promote the event.

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