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Good employees are hard to find. You know you can’t just hang out a shingle and hope for the best. You need to put work into looking for candidate pools that match your expected employment criteria and level of experience. It’s a lot of work, and that’s why you need to keep the good ones happy. Zoho People runs your HR processes while you focus on your employee’s needs. In People, you’ll find dozens of ways to simplify, accelerate, and strengthen your HR processes, from hiring and onboarding to time tracking and attendance management.

Major Features of Zoho People

Like any human resource management system, Zoho People bundles multiple overlapping HR needs into a single application. These features cover a significant portion of typical HR tasks, mainly targeted at complex processes and procedures. Through smart data sharing between activities and tight integration with your other systems, your HRMS can stay current and functional. Even as your processes, procedures, and paperwork may evolve so will your HRMS.

Hiring & Onboarding

The best onboarding systems use a centralized, step-by-step process server for logging and tracking the steps within the onboarding process. If you can collate with the required document to complete each step, you’ve got a robust, repeatable system for onboarding that can withstand updates, process changes, and employee errors. Zoho People offers just that through an easy-to-use, hard-to-break workflow structure. Define the steps required to complete the process, set the conditions for the tasks, and build out complex programmatic workflows to cover your organization.

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Employee Database Management

Managing employee contact information can be a full-time job in itself when you try to do it manually. That’s why most organizations have a centralized system. But these vary in quality widely, from rock-solid to half-baked. If you’re stuck with a labor-intensive contact management process, Zoho People can take over. Include all your organizational contact information in one database, with groups, role-based departments, org charts, multiple locations, and remote access built-in by default.

Attendance, Leave, Shift Scheduling

First of all, a lot rides on your employees showing up to work. Whether with hourly or salaried employees, you can’t work with someone that doesn’t come to work. That’s why most organizations implement at least some level of attendance management, whether it’s tracking computer logins, badge swipes, or active clock-in and clock-out policies. Secondly, Zoho People can ingest all this data to capture and log attendance information with other employee records. On the opposite side of the coin, you can manage leave and paid time off, including accrual and disbursement of PTO. For shift work, you can schedule and manage shifts and their assigned employee within People’s capable calendar system.

Case Management & Communication

Collect employee communication and case management tools under one umbrella. Zoho People keeps your communications with employees easily accessible and on record for later access. This ensures you always have a reliable reference trail for your work history: an especially critical feature in a field as dependent on documentation. Borrowing tools from the customer support area, Zoho People keeps cases separated into unique threads. Employees can request leave through the system, using integrated tools to simplify the process. Along with robust self-service tools available for employees, there’s always an easy way to connect to their HR rep if they have more complex concerns.

Document Management

If it’s not on paper, did it really happen? This a question many lawyers must ask themselves, and not a few HR professionals. Document creation, approval, singing, and archival are significant parts of human resources, and it’s the kind of task that begs for computerized help. Zoho People can store all your documents centrally and provide e-sign tools for collecting signatures. No matter where you are, you can quickly find and share the most current version of each document automatically. Once signed, you can attach documents to employees in your system to keep their records with them.

Automation, Customization, Integration

As with all Zoho products, Zoho People offers deep interface customization, robust third-party integration, and usable automation tools that drill down into core system functionalities. Zoho People connects with other Zoho products by default, and Zapier connects Zoho products to thousands of other applications. When everything’s connected, it’s incredible what you can accomplish.

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