Integrate Zoho CRM + Google Analytics For Precision Marketing Campaigns

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By default, Google Analytics can’t and won’t track offline revenue, and Zoho CRM can’t see Google Analytics’ detailed data. With a service to connect the two and exchange the data each lacks, you can supercharge both applications and plug their collection gaps at the same time.

GAConnector provides consistent two-way communication between Zoho CRM and Google Analytics. Thinks of it as a special pipe, with one end that plugs into Zoho and the other end that plugs into GA. Once set up, GAConnector syncs data between Google Analytics and Zoho CRM. Even manually created Deals will be synced over to GA’s Potentials.

GAConnector’s Most Important Functions

· It imports campaign data from Google Analytics into Zoho CRM to help you understand where your leads came from.

· It imports stats on closed deals from Zoho CRM to Google Analytics, allowing you to evaluate marketing channels by actual revenue, not just form fills.

With bidirectional integration of your analytics and CRM, you can see comprehensive real-dollar reports on leads that convert online and offline, reliably calculate the true ROI of your marketing campaigns, and identify and ditch strategies that create good-looking KPIs but aren’t actually converting prospects. GAConnector’s service doesn’t come free, but it’s the fastest and most reliable way to connect the two greatest marketing tools on the web today: Google Analytics and your Zoho CRM.

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Any new user that would generate a Google Analytics report (that is, any user who isn’t explicitly disabling GA in their browser with a tool like Ghostery or uBlock Origin) now also generates a lead in Zoho CRM, complete with their user data from Google Analytics. If the lead already exists in Zoho CRM, then the appropriate data from Google Analytics will be appended to the lead’s existing entry.

How to Integrate GAConnector with Zoho CRM

Since Google Analytics leads are anonymous, the main manual setup comes in connecting named leads in your CRM with the correct Google Analytics ID numbers. GAConnector doesn’t look at names, but only at the unique identifier. If a record doesn’t have an identifier, or it has the wrong identifier, GAConnector won’t sync the information to that record properly.

The GAConnector extension creates a series of Google Analytics fields in your CRM, providing a place for Google Analytics records to sync to.

  1. Add the tracking code to your website. It’s lengthy, and it can be obtained from GAConnector’s setup guide.
  2. Install the GA Connector extension.
  3. Choose who can view the fields. You can set it to admins only, all users, or select Zoho CRM profiles you’ve already created.
  4. Leads will automatically be populated with the new GAConnector fields. Data will automatically sync to them as appropriate.

You can also capture data with hidden form fields on Zoho Form. Once you have the GAConnector extension installed for Zoho CRM, navigate to Setup > Developer Space > Webforms. Create a new form. In the field list, you’ll have the option to include Google Analytics fields from GAConnector. Add these fields to your form, then be sure to set them to Hidden. They’ll be invisible to the user, but they’ll be auto-populated by the extension, letting you correlate real people with Google Analytics codes.

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