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Get Started With Zoho CRM’s All-New Kiosk Studio

At the beginning of this year, Zoho launched Kiosk Studio in Zoho CRM. This evolved blueprint is designed to simplify and automate various processes without being tied to a specific record. Unlike blueprints that trigger actions based on particular records, kiosks operate independently, making them highly versatile. This feature is particularly beneficial for tasks that require user interaction, such as adding new deals to the pipeline directly from the CRM homepage dashboard.

In this article, we will share multiple useful video tutorials on getting started with Zoho Kiosk Studio. These include a general overview and how to embed it on your homepage dashboard. Also, a bonus FAQ video answering questions from the community on Club Zenatta and YouTube.

Setting Up Your Kiosk: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are brand new to Kiosk Studio and know nothing about it, the tutorial below is perfect for you. Tyler walks you through how to use kiosk studio using a real example “Lead Processing Kiosk” for your sales team. He will touch on all the key steps, how things works, and some best practices for Kiosk Studio.

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Add a Kiosk widget to your homepage

This tutorial, covers a more advanced use case of Kiosk Studio which is embedding a Kiosk widget on your homepage dashboard. There are many various use cases this could be beneficial to any organization. In this particular example, Tyler demonstrates how to use Kiosk to add a deal from the homepage to an account or contact.

The Value and Benefits of Kiosk Studio

Let’s take a look at some top-level benefits and value of utilizing Kiosk Studio.

Enhanced User Experience: Kiosk Studio allows users to perform tasks directly from the homepage, reducing the need for extensive navigation within the CRM. This streamlined access improves user efficiency and satisfaction.

Improved Data Accuracy: By guiding users through a structured process, kiosks help ensure that all necessary information is captured accurately. Mandatory fields and step-by-step instructions minimize the risk of incomplete or incorrect data entry.

Time Savings: Automating routine tasks such as deal creation frees up valuable time for users to focus on more strategic activities. The kiosk’s ability to operate independently of specific records further enhances its utility and flexibility.

Reduced Training Needs: The intuitive, guided nature of kiosks makes them easy for new users to understand and follow, reducing the need for extensive training. Users can quickly become proficient in performing complex tasks with minimal oversight.

Customization and Scalability: Kiosk Studio’s flexibility allows organizations to tailor the process to their specific needs. Whether adding new fields, modifying workflows, or integrating with other systems, kiosks can be customized to scale with the business.


If you aren’t familiar with our free community, we highly recommend you check out Club Zenatta. Shortly after the two tutorials launched above, a flurry of questions came barreling in. If any of the questions below are something you might be stuck on, you’ll find the answers in the FAQ AZAAZ video.

Question #1: When you have a decision where it fits or it doesn’t fit, I would just let everything that doesn’t fit run through the default. Is that a bad idea?

Question #2: I would like to understand how a user could go backwards in the process e.g if they realized they made a mistake?

Question #3: Can I use these kinds of flows in the CRM Portal?

Ready to use Kiosk Studio?

Implementing Zoho CRM’s Kiosk Studio can transform how your organization manages CRM processes, making them more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly. By setting up a kiosk on your homepage, you enable users to effortlessly add deals to the pipeline, improving overall productivity and data quality. Explore the possibilities with Kiosk Studio and unlock new levels of efficiency in your CRM operations.

Of course, if you need help customizing the perfect Kiosk for your organization, the Zenatta team is always happy to help. Drop us a line to learn how we can help implement the perfect solution for your organization.

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