The CRM Zen Show – Episode 58 – Smiley and Frowny

Zoho News

  • Zoho Mail Updates
    • New Custom Hotkeys and Shortcuts
  • Zoho Cliq gets a Scrum Bot
    • Looks like this is going to be followed up quickly with Sprint integration.
  • Google Search with Zoho Recruit
    • Google Jobs can now pick up Zoho Recruit postings.
  • Notebook Updates
    • A bunch of updates her.  Cliq and Projects integration. And a new Gmail Extension.
  • Zoho Sign: Product Updates
    • Key Updates include:
      • Webhooks
      • Approver action in sign workflows
      • New signer field for uploading attachments
      • Integration with Zoho Workerly &  Zapier
  • Phishing alert: Zoho Sign
    • A new fishing attack targeting Zoho Users.
  • Zoho Finance September Updates
    • Books
      • Multi-Level Approval for Sales Transactions
    • Subscriptions
      • Major update here includes the data that your customers enter while signing up for a subscription on your own website or web form can now be pre-filled into the hosted payment pages. 
    • Inventory
      • 7 updates.  Analytics integration is the big one for us.
    • Invoice
      • More SMS features.

This Weeks Reads

Application / Plug-In of the Week

ringcentral and zoho

Tips and Tricks

  • Workdrive File Control
    • Everything you wanted to know about Workdrive File Control… but were afraid to ask.

2 thoughts on “The CRM Zen Show – Episode 58 – Smiley and Frowny

  1. Love your podcast!

    In this weeks episode, you mentioned a new sales report system using SQL. (I think it was around 20 minutes into the podcast)

    Can you send me more information on this?
    Graham Bradshaw
    Zone Medical Pty Ltd

    1. Graham,

      Thank you. We have fun doing it.

      We will reach out to you by email about the reporting system.

      All the best,

      Brett and Tyler

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