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The CRM Zen Show Episode 262 – Come on, Cliq The Noise

Zoho News

Implementation of the Week

  • Consolidated Last-Ticket-Touch Analytics for Zoho Desk
    • In this implementation, our goal was to provide reporting capabilities in Zoho Analytics on Desk Tickets that hadn’t had meaningful updates recently
    • The challenge is that a “meaningful update” may come in the form of a Ticket Thread/Email, Comment or Task completion
    • To solve for this, we first created a SQL table using UNION operators to create a master data-set of all of the different types of touches we were looking to track
    • Then, from this table we created logic to determine the most recent touch on each of those tickets, as well as what type of touch it was
    • Lastly, we’re able to create custom reports from that data to identify outlier tickets that may need to be addressed by managers

Code Share of the Week

  • Add Ordinal Suffix to a Number
    • Formatting date-times into readable strings in deluge is best done using the .toString() function. By inputting a string of Date-Time Literals you can format a date-time into almost anything you can think of.  However ,the .toString() function sadly does not offer ordinal numbers, so we have to use a short series of if/else statements to determine any number’s ordinal indicator.

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Billy Bates

Senior Web Developer

Billy is a Wordpress Developer with an eye for design. His knowledge will help our company website and client sites meet their goals. Billy and his young family have just moved to Ashland Oregon, and are looking forward to exploring the area’s amazing beer, wine, and food. He also has a passion for synthesizers and drum machines.

Lucas Sant'Anna


With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. In previous jobs, he implemented industrial job scheduling, fleet management and detailed long-haul route optimization – among other data-driven processes – to reach objectives of increased profit and reduced wasted resources. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions.