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Calendar Management – Organize Your Life

Calendar Management - Organize Your Life

Managing your time effectively is one of the biggest responsibilities you have throughout your life. This applies to your personal life and work life. It’s also important to create a clear separation between the two. You don’t want to burn yourself out through overwork and have work intruding into what should be time with your […]

Generate Quality Leads for Zoho CRM with Google Ads

  When running any kind of business, among the most important component in long-term success is the implementation of a strong marketing campaign. The core facet of any marketing campaign is SEO & PPC advertising. This form of advertising allows the marketer to pay only when someone clicks on the ad they’ve placed on a […]

Assigning Leads to Salespeople Fairly With Zoho CRM Automation

Assigning leads can be a tricky political business. How do you distribute leads fairly so that everyone has the same opportunity to thrive and make money without showing favoritism or giving valuable leads to poor performers? Most organizations settle on a random or semi-random method to avoid any appearance of preference or punishment. Absent any […]

5 KPIs Your CRM Should Be Tracking

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a critical part of managing a team. In sales and marketing, KPIs determine bonuses and guide performance reviews. These KPIs are supposed to be proxies for success in your job: if you’re a salesperson, the more you sell, the better you’re doing. Unless, of course, your massive sales aren’t making […]

3 Tricks For Building Believable Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a fictional person that represents a demographic or segment you’d like to sell to. A persona can be anything as thin as basic demographic information, like age, gender, and race, to a fully-fleshed out person, with narratives, names, jobs, geographic areas, and more. The more completely you can illustrate the small […]

The 5 Key Elements of a Good Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief pre-written sales pitch, delivered verbally and in person to prospects you’re interested in working with. The name comes from its brevity: a good elevator pitch takes no longer than a trip from the penthouse to the lobby. For in-person networking, a well-written elevator pitch is mandatory. It’s the perfect […]

The Value of Brevity

If you want people to pay attention, keep it brief. Answer their question immediately, then provide an explanation. Short, punchy content is the key to modern brand engagement, and users don’t have the patience or attention span for lengthy paragraphs. Ideally, your first paragraph should function as a TL;DR for readers, following the guidance of […]

Making Brand Videos People Want to Watch

Brand videos are the future of small business communications! Small business videos are only rarely done effectively. What makes a video “work” on a technical level? You might not know the answer to that question right now. But stick around, and you will. Brand Video Secret #1: Relevant Content Loud and colorful videos might be […]

5 Phone Pitch Strategies (+ Prompts) To Close More Calls

Like it or not, the phone pitch is still a large part of sales. Plenty of reps spend their days on the phone, pitching the same product day in, and day out. How do they keep from sounding robotic? By approaching each conversation as an attempt to gather secret tips for the most effective sales […]

Billy Bates

Senior Web Developer

Billy is a Wordpress Developer with an eye for design. His knowledge will help our company website and client sites meet their goals. Billy and his young family have just moved to Ashland Oregon, and are looking forward to exploring the area’s amazing beer, wine, and food. He also has a passion for synthesizers and drum machines.

Lucas Sant'Anna


With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. In previous jobs, he implemented industrial job scheduling, fleet management and detailed long-haul route optimization – among other data-driven processes – to reach objectives of increased profit and reduced wasted resources. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions.