Five Best Practices for Performance Reviews

Reading Time: 5 minutes Employees are the most important part of your business. The quality of your employees makes a world of difference in every aspect of the company’s operations. Therefore, it’s especially important to give your employees the guidance that they need to grow. Paired with regular assessments of the overall quality of their work, your employees will[…]

How HR Technology Can Add Value To Your Business

Reading Time: < 1 minute This guide by Zoho People is a 360-degree view of all the different elements that make HR technology crucial in today’s modern business. Technology has transformed the way HR oversees a workforce, stores information, and manages processes. It has dramatically changed how things function in a conventional system, providing the space to move away from[…]

Why You Need HR Management Software

Reading Time: 5 minutes Whether you run a mom-and-pop business with a few employees or a growing regional enterprise, you no doubt use software for some business functions. You might track your inventory or handle invoicing with software. If you aren’t using HR management software yet, though, you’re missing out. Programs such as Zoho People boast many benefits at[…]

Simplifying Communication With Case Management

Reading Time: < 1 minute This guide by Zoho covers case and query management for Zoho People. Delivering quality HR service depends on multiple aspects: employee satisfaction, processes, engagement, and productivity. One way to look at the nuances of these aspects of good HR service delivery is query handling. A study by HR Daily Advisor discovered that 73% of organizations[…]

How To Take Your Business Forward With People Analytics

Reading Time: < 1 minute This guide by Zoho covers people analytics also known as workforce or HR analytics.  Learn how these analytics can help grow your business and lead to a healthier workplace environment if utilized properly. People analytics, also known as workforce or HR analytics, is the method of collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative people data such[…]

Zoho People vs. BambooHR – Which is right for you?

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s common to end up responsible for tasks outside of your comfort zone when you work for a smaller business. Often, one of these “little things” is acting as an entire human resources department. The right HR tool can alleviate much of the stress involved in managing all those threads. Who are Zoho and Bamboo[…]

Zoho People Guide To 360-Degree Performance Appraisals That Work For You, And Your Employees

Reading Time: < 1 minute This guide by Zoho covers a very tricky subject for most businesses, appraisals.  Truly valuing ones value with the company and how much of a raise they should get is never easy.  In this short read learn how to break down your employees appraisals and give a constructive review of your employees performance. 360-degree appraisals[…]

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