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AZAAZ – Volume 1, Issue No. 16

Questions Answered

? 1. (0:56) Trying to live my best life as a business owner, I knocked out a bunch of Zoho work on my iPad while sitting on the patio. Until……I tried to send an email through Campaigns. Cloning a past email was easy. As was editing the subject. But it wouldn’t let me edit the body of the email. Is there a setting I need to tweak? Or do I just need to go back to my laptop’s web browser?

? 2. (2:08) Is the Code Outdated? Followed everything and I’m not able to save my code inside “Message Action” due to annoying expected “[ or} or ;” errors at lines 4, 5 and 7. It makes no sense.

? 3. (3:07) Thank you very much Wayne, I have a question. In Zoho Forms, there is a feature called ‘Field Alias’ that is usually used to capture the URL parameters. We can capture the UTM data using this feature right? Is there any benefit if we use ‘UTM Tracking’ from Zoho Form instead of ‘Field Alias’ ?

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? 4. (4:48) Hello, Great tutorial btw, thank you. I was wondering about SKU, I would like to add this to the sales order. What is your suggestion? Thx

? 5. (6:20) Thank you very much! ? Greg totally understood my issue! Is there a way to generate a notification that a help center invitation has been accepted?

? 6. (8:12) How do I add a member? Can it be any email? How do I set a course so the people can enter?

? 7. (11:48) How can we pull the sent emails within workflows to CRM to see which leads received those emails and see if they opened/replied?

? 8. (14:27) Thanks again for the entertainment and information ? I was watching Wayne’s response to adding an image dynamically in Campaigns and I wondered if this can also be done in CRM email templates? I have an email template that pulls in from a custom field (7 Pick list options). I have 7 pdf documents that relate to each option that I add as an attachment. At the moment I’m adding this manually but I wonder if there’s a way of selecting the doc from WorkDrive based on the picklist.

? 9. (16:02) Is there a good method to create a form that can look-up and filter CRM records based on the form input? Filtering by list view inside CRM is a little awkward because it doesn’t show possible values for multi-select pick lists. I have something set-up in Zoho Analytics, but it’s kind of messy bringing over field values and filtering them. Basically, I want to look-up contacts based on multiple field criteria. And then ideally be able to select from that list the ones I like the most and send them an email.

? 10. (18:19) Do you have a tutorial on how the implementation of the week was actually implemented? Want to automate some customer discounts but can’t find anything but your video that explains how it could be done.

? 11. (19:11) This is very helpful! Does this connection support bank payments from any bank or credit union? I’m looking at the options available for customers that may not have the standard large banks, so they have to be able to pay using any type of account.

? 12. (21:19) We have a bizarre problem with SalesIQ, I’m wondering if other folks have come across this or have any idea of what’s going on.   In SalesIQ there’s a “Live” view and a “Visitors → All Visitors” view that shows a raw list of visitors. The two views are showing different visitors for the most part.    We’re clearly not seeing all the incoming visitors in the Live view.  Any ideas?

? 13. (22:59) I’m sure you’ve faced this problem and have something up your sleeve to overcome it! Client Users don’t have access to Reports in Zoho Projects, so no access to Gannt Chart – the easiest way to give them a view of project breakdown and status. There’s also no way to generate a viewable link to a Gannt chart/report – only export to PDF (which also needs major work). I’ve tried to create something in Zoho Analytics using a scatter plot with Task names and Due dates as the axes, but there are several problems with it – no view of milestones or tasks lists to sort the tasks, dots scattered everywhere, tasks get cut off because not all of them fit in the area of the chart, etc. Any ideas? We need to give clients (some not Zoho users) an easy way to view where their project is at. Thanks 

? 14. (25:44) If I have a contact detail page with 3 tags and add a new tag, the new tag is not visible unless I click on the “More” link. I can’t change the order of tags but in cases where there are more than 3 tags it would help having the 3 tags added the latest first. Older tags should appear at the end (not visible immediately). Is there a way to do so?

? 15. (27:00) I’m seeking assistance with integrating customer sales orders and data between ZOHO Inventory and ZOHO CRM & ZOHO FORMS & ZOHO CRM to be consolidated and organized together for easier management. Currently, when a sale occurs from Shopify into ZOHO Inventory, the customer’s information is stored in the ACCOUNTS Module of ZOHO CRM. However, I have created a separate module in ZOHO CRM specifically for Shopify customers, where I would like this data to be stored. I’ve attached an images to illustrate the desired workflow. In short, Currently, the data from ZOHO Forms is generating a new entry in the Custom Module named ‘Vehicle Insights’ within ZOHO CRM. However, the Sales Order coming from ZOHO Inventory is being created and stored in the ‘Accounts’ Module in ZOHO CRM. My objective is to have both of these entities coexist within a specific custom Module called ‘Vehicle Insights Devices’. This way, the data from both sources will be consolidated and organized together for easier management. Can this be achieved? Would this be completed in ZOHO Flow? Would any code need to written?

? 16. (31:47) What happens on the Customer export from Analytics if the Customer name field contains the job or project names in addition to the base customer name?  We use QBO and we have the project / job feature enable so we can track multiple jobs / projects with our customers.  Is there a way to export just the base customer name from that date table?

? 17. (34:33) Hi Josh, great video, I want to know your thoughts on Zoho’s rule under preferences, sales orders, sales order cycle then creating an invoice, package and shipment rule. Is that much different than your method or will it achieve the same thing? i think they rolled this out just recently.

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