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AZAAZ – Volume 1, Issue No. 15

Questions Answered

? 1. (1:01) Thank you for sharing such wonderful insights into the crazy world of Zoho.  My question….. Can Global Sets be pushed to or integrated with a drop-down field in Zoho Forms?  I have a long list of different business categories in CRM, but I need to figure out how to share that with a Form so that when someone enrolls in the program to select that pre-defined category/value.  Or is there a simple way to export my Global Set to copy and paste into the form?  Whatcha got for me?   – Thanks again.

? 2. (3:23) When I put an image into an email template, can I dynamically change the image from a custom field, assuming the custom fields are URLs that are supported in a WordPress site?

? 3. (8:43) With regard to employee onboarding… wouldn’t using Zoho People be the best solution, as it has onboarding as a built-in process…

? 4. (9:47) I’ve been thinking about integrating ChatGPT into my email so that some of the emails are auto-generated. Could I do it with Zoho Flow?

? 5. (11:41) I have watched the webinar on Zoho Survey.  During the webinar, Tyler said it is possible to prepopulate fields if the survey is sent from the candidate’s record.  I have been unsuccessful in making the pre-population work.  This afternoon Zoho Tech Support said prepopulating the name, phone, and email is not possible.  Which is correct?

? 6. (14:21) Biggest issue I have had with Zoho Flow and decision trees is with Zoho Sheets and CRM lead lookup. I ask it to look up lead based on email if null, then default create lead…what happens, however, is that flow brings through empty information, so the output to create a new lead has no email or name, etc.. really annoying. I looked up your previous how-to with Tyler and with Zoho sheets, and it still didn’t work…but it works ok for Zoho Checkout in trying to create a deal /contact.

? 7. (16:16) Dear Tyler, Thanks for your great explanation, I have one question about workflows, I want to change the deal’s status to 75% whenever an estimate is created. How can I access the Zoho Finance module in CRM, in workflow rules in Zoho CRM?

? 8. (18:13) I am now designing a blueprint thanks to you guys!  Do you have a tutorial on building an accept button for quotes without the use of the Zoho portal?

? 9. (19:49) I like to measure how many incoming leads in our Zoho CRM are actually coming from our Google Ads. We use Zoho Forms on the landing pages and we have connected the Google Ads App (via Marketplace) with Zoho CRM. We have done the following settings, but I am not sure if it is now properly installed for complete tracking. Question: What is now (2023) the best way to track the Google Ads vs incoming leads in Zoho CRM? via the Google Ads app and Google Tag Manager, or better using UTM tracking? Settings done: Connected Google Ads app with Zoho CRM. Zoho Forms: Marked check box in Zoho Forms:  GCLID – send GCLID details to Zoho CRM. Share: Track entries: Google Tag Manager set up incl. event: Submit Form. Tracking code: <script type = etc. installed on webpages. Set up Google Tag Manager incl. triggers . Now for some incoming leads, we do see the GCLID in the record in CRM, but the other data fields under the section Google Ads are left empty. Anything I am missing?

? 10. (23:17) Hi. Thank you so much for this video. We’ve been getting in a bit of a pickle with our Campaigns setup and this really helped to get various aspects clearer in our heads. Question: I understand that to send a campaign, it must be linked to a Topic. We appear to have a number of contacts who have been deselected from all our topics but have not unsubscribed, so, strictly speaking, we still have permission to contact them. We would like to send them an occasional email by way of an update/re-engagement. Is there any way of having everyone on a topic that they can’t unsubscribe from or some other way of contacting these topic-less people? Thanks

? 11. (25:36) Can you please explain what Purchase Receives is exactly for?

? 12. (26:53) I am using Zoho Inventory which will synchronize to my Shopify, and Shopify synchronizes to o Xero (accounting). What I would like is: I don’t want Zoho to fulfill any of my orders but rather just track my stock. So, the Sales order needs to be created as per normal, I need it to complete the whole process from SO to Invoice to shipment. I don’t want any of this to synchronize with Shopify. The only thing that needs to synchronize to Shopify is the physical stock level. Would this be possible?

? 13. (28:35) I am working on copying information into a Zoho Sheet using the crm.sheet.createRecord function in CRM, and I have followed through the recommendations so far on how to implement it. However, I’ve run into an error that says: {“error_message”:”The sheet does not exists”,”method”:”worksheet.jsondata.append”,”error_code”:2863,”status”:”failure”} I checked the Sheet and it should be published, and the name is correct. The error says that it’s an invalid or nonexistent name, but I know it exists as I have the ID for it. I was wondering if anyone has any insights or help they’d be willing to give. 

? 14. (32:25) In the CRM ZEN Show you mentioned that it was now easier to add CRM fields to Zoho Writer. Our proposals look more like Powerpoint slides so I wanted to get them into Zoho Show and auto-fill text based on CRM data. (…) Is it possible to use Zoho Show for this or do we need to use Zoho Writer?

? 15. (34:58) Can I use more than one domain from the same user account? want to handle domain1 and domain2 in the same User

? 16. (36:21) Please do explain how to match salary paid entries in Bank statement to employees

? 17. (37:40) Thanks so much for all the great content you all produce. I wanted to get your thoughts on best practices for physical addresses. First, anything to be aware in general. Second, best practices for project site, integrating with FSM, is there a way to create a map view similar to leads and contacts for deals, or any other situations or tips you may have.

? 18. (41:37) The new integration sounds great. It’s clear how to utilize the first scenario that Zoho mentions in their announcement, but the second scenario of using deluge is a little unclear as it pertains “what” does the deluge code look like to print to a Writer template created for the designated Zoho Creator form being printed from.

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Lucas Sant'Anna


With a background in Operations Research and Data Analysis, Lucas is a Brazilian programmer that likes to get stuff done quickly and reliably. In previous jobs, he implemented industrial job scheduling, fleet management and detailed long-haul route optimization – among other data-driven processes – to reach objectives of increased profit and reduced wasted resources. His goal is to make Zoho fully automated and with more meaningful data for spot-on decisions.