7 Reasons You Should Switch To Zoho Books

Most people know about Quickbooks, Xero, or Sage but did you know Zoho offers accounting software as well? In the article below we will walk you through the 7 reasons you should be using Zoho Books.

1 – Integrations

Using Zoho Book’s native integrations allows you to Sync with many of the Zoho Applications. Whether it’s ecommerce, shipping, or sales tax software Zoho Books can be connected with other Third-party Applications using natively built Connection or with Zoho Flow. Books also natively connects with a myriad of payment processors to make getting paid and paying bills easy.


2 – Reporting

Do you want to view your Profit and Loss Statement comparatively month-to-month or even year-over-year? Books offers many pre-built standard accounting reports to get you started. And for the power users, if you want to pull more robust reports or compare data from multiple Zoho Applications, integrating with Zoho Analytics, allows you to create customs reports and dashboards that merge data from multiple sources.

3 – Pricing

The pricing is hard to beat with 4 affordable levels. If you are already a part of the Zoho family, Books also comes as part of the Zoho One and Finance Plus bundles. The Free Version is also available for those who want to try stepping into the Zoho infrastructure.

4 – Prebuilt Customer and Vendor Portals

Customers and Vendors have the ability to review, pay, purchase, and subscribe to services through a convenient to use Portal. You can also send and receive documents. This allows for a very transparent relationship between you, your customers, and vendors.  This is an optional and highly customizable feature.


5 – Bank Feeds

Zoho helps bring your bank transactions to you. Books connects your Bank Feeds with many small and large banks. Even if you do not currently see a connection from Zoho. They offer to reach out to any of those banks to add them into the system. Bank Feeds help bring all your bank transactions to an easily accessible dashboard that makes categorizing income and expenses a breeze.

6 – Automation

Finally Automation. Books offer many solutions to help automate your workload. Rules can be set to help categorize transactions. Commonly run reports can be automated to send to your email on a scheduled basis. Books open API also allows customized scripts to run just about anything you want. You can read our article that shows the 4 benefits from automation.

7 – Constant Improvements

Zoho utilizes a Kaizen mindset and is constantly making updates and tweaks to their software to help improve the customer experience. They listen to feedback and requests to help better their product. See what’s new with Books here.

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