Top 5 Job Boards That Integrate With Zoho Recruit

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Original Post-April 9, 2921 – Updated February 25, 2022

Zoho Recruit aims to function as an all-in-one recruitment package and Applicant Tracking System. The software comes with a broad range of tools to help recruiters, staffing agencies, and world-class HR departments to identify and recruit the best talent for any given position while streamlining many of the inefficiencies and complexities associated with managing the recruitment process.

Zoho Recruit integrations help to drastically improve the logistics of posting job listings on different websites online. Recruitment professionals should understand the difference these integrations can make to get the most out of Zoho’s recruitment suite.

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Importance of Zoho Recruit Job Board Integrations

Many recruitment professionals spend a significant amount of time posting job listings on many different recruitment websites. Since there are dozens of job boards that applicants might turn to when searching for employment opportunities, it can take a lot of time to post each job on all of the major boards.

If you make these postings manually, you would likely spend over an hour posting job descriptions on different websites. You would also experience many issues associated with posting jobs manually, such as the potential for input errors and needing access to a company credit card. If a listing needed a modification, you would have to repeat the process all over again. Additionally, you would have to log back into each website manually on a periodic basis to check whether you have any messages from potential candidates.

Zoho Recruit completely streamlines the process of posting job listings by enabling you to post a listing to all job boards with one click. Zoho automatically manages the customization of each listing for each job board, and it empowers you to manage all of your listings through its platform. As a result, you can get the word out about new positions quickly and in dramatically less time. Best of all, your job listings automatically integrate with other Zoho Recruit features and even Zoho CRM. This makes it easy to connect a job board activity with a candidate’s recruitment journey.

1. Indeed

Indeed is by far the most popular job board in today’s marketplace. The company employs over 10,000 people, and its website has received more than 175 million resumes. The bottom line is that Indeed is a crucial part of any modern recruitment effort.

indeed job board

The problem with Indeed is that managing job listings on the board can be a nightmare when companies have dozens of listings. Creating listings can also eat up a substantial amount of time. Users of Zoho Recruit need to do no more than check the box next to Indeed when making a new listing. Through Zoho Recruit, you can easily remove or modify listings at any time. If someone applies for a job, you will receive an immediate notification within Zoho Recruit that enables you to respond in a timely manner.

Zoho Recruit even offers full support for Indeed Sponsored, a $200 service that helps job listings to be more visible in search results. You can pay for Indeed Sponsored within Zoho Recruit’s platform to save time and make it possible for employees who are not company officers to easily make promoted listings.

2. Monster

Monster is the second-most popular job board in the world. Although Indeed has eclipsed Monster in terms of importance, Monster remains an important channel for discovering talent. The website is visited by millions of job seekers on a daily basis, and it offers features tailored to over 50 national and regional markets around the globe.

Unlike with Indeed, there is no way of posting a listing on Monster without having a premium account. Listings are also quite expensive. For instance, maintaining just one active job listing costs $279 per month while a package of five active listings costs $649 per month. Of course, these high costs help to dramatically decrease the number of competing job listings on the job board, so Monster listings usually lead to a substantial number of high-quality resume submissions.

At the time of writing, Zoho Recruit cannot be used to pay for a listing on Monster because the job board offers software applications no way of programmatically paying for listings. Nevertheless, Monster offers easy-to-set-up recurring subscriptions, all manageable inside Zoho Recruit. You can also post new jobs, manage listings, and view resume submissions inside Recruit. Take advantage of resume search features within Monster’s platform to find candidates who might be a good match directly inside Zoho.

3. Google For Jobs

Starting to get more traction since its launch in 2017, Google for Jobs is a great new reliable source to get candidates. Depending on your industry, you could potentially get many qualified candidates. Utilizing its #1 search engine, anyone that searches for “job near me”, if your posting meets the criteria, applicants can quickly see your posting and apply.

With an enhanced search feature for job postings, it gives users a different experience than a typical google search. This enhanced search allows companies to include job descriptions, requirements, logos, pay, and more. Another slick feature is when you click on a job, it shows other Board postings such as GlassDoor and the companies rating on those sites. Best of all, it is FREE and integrates seamlessly with Zoho Recruit.

4. FlexJobs

Whether you are hiring or looking for remote work, FlexJobs dominates this space. Though you do have to pay a monthly membership fee to post jobs and apply to jobs on FlexJobs, the integration works perfectly with Zoho Recruit.

One thing to note is that FlexJobs has a larger pool of freelance workers. This can be both great and bad depending on what position you are looking to fill. It will allow you to potentially add some very talented employees to your team, or potentially just temporary fits. Overall, it is highly rated for being the best Remote highering job board on the market currently.

5. LinkedIn

Conventional job boards have been used for decades, but the reality is that many of today’s candidates are recruited through newer channels. LinkedIn is arguably the most important social media website for today’s professionals. 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn, and job candidates have responded by fine-tuning their profiles and getting active on the social media network. Today, many of the best candidates for specialized positions are found by using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Job Board

Since LinkedIn is for professionals and recruiters, it offers extensive support for resumes and job listings. With Zoho Recruit, businesses can post new job listings on LinkedIn in a matter of seconds. Listings can also be updated if recruiters see a need to customize their listings for the social media network.

One takeaway though for LinkedIn is that it does have limited integration with Zoho Recruit. Until this gets fixed it will stay on the bottom of this list.

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