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According to statistics that the Society for Human Resource Management published, hiring the wrong person can cost a company up to $250,000 depending on the job category. This means that you want to get recruitment right the first time. Using recruitment software such as Zoho Recruit can help. Here are five key features of Zoho Recruit that your staffing agency, temp service, or corporate human resource (HR) department can’t afford to do without.

Candidate Sourcing

Finding qualified job candidates is one of the hardest parts of an HR professional’s job. After advertising an open position on a popular job board, you’ll often receive thousands of responses from active job seekers. However, only a small percentage of those applicants are qualified, and even fewer of them fit the company’s culture. Finding and qualifying candidates can be like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack without a tool like Recruit.

Candidate Sourcing for Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit allows you to create candidate portals automatically when a job seeker shows interest in an advertised position. You can integrate pre-screening surveys into these portals to narrow down the list of candidates. Your pre-screen survey can include questions about previous work experience, earned certifications, and types of preferred work environments. You can find out more about candidates’ character with a behavioral screening survey. Survey questions about attitudes, communication skills, and listening skills help you to find great candidates who fit your company’s culture.

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Search for specific skills and quickly filter out unqualified candidates.

Experienced recruiters know that some of the most qualified workers aren’t actively looking for new jobs. High-performing, passive job seekers may be lured away from positions with mediocre companies to pursue options with companies that better align with their values. Although these passive job seekers may not immediately leave their current positions, it’s worth fostering long-term relationships with them. They are great contacts to have when you need to fill future positions.

Attracting high-quality, passive job seekers begins by communicating with them through channels that they use regularly. Recruit allows you to write up one stellar job posting and blast it to several job boards and social media platforms. Besides extending your online reach, Zoho Recruit incorporates an employee referral feature that lets your current star workers refer their high-performing peers.

Resume Management

Resumes are the universal calling cards of both active and passive job seekers. When you operate a staffing agency or a temp service, your inbox will inevitably become clogged with them. This is wonderful when you’re trying to build a substantial candidate database. However, receiving a million resumes that you need to review and categorize sets you up for a nearly endless amount of tedious busy work. Recruit captures resumes that are sent to email programs such as Gmail and Outlook and automatically sends them to your Zoho Recruit Resume Inbox. From the Resume Inbox, the tool extracts relevant candidate data and transfers it into your candidate database. When you want to look at resumes that match a specific job opening, you can just check the database using a simple search function.

Zoho Recruit Customizes Your Resume Funnel
Zoho Recruit Resume Inbox

Growing staffing agencies supply contract workers to a number of clients. However, it’s rare for companies to use the same recruiting software. This means that you’ll often need to reformat resumes to match their specific themes. With Zoho Recruit, it’s easy to meet your clients’ resume formatting requirements. It comes with several resume templates that you can customize to reflect your agency’s brand. The platform also lets you design your own custom theme to match your clients’ needs. When clients’ needs change, you can quickly adapt with features that allow you to add and merge fields.

You just met a great candidate for a key position while attending a conference. Before taking off, you both promised to reach out to each other on LinkedIn. With Zoho Recruit, there’s no need to go through the hassle of getting her to reformat her resume for your candidate database. You can get a jump on the competition by capturing her resume directly from the LinkedIn website and automatically extracting its details into your candidate database.

Remote Recruitment

Even before COVID-19 changed the landscape of the workforce, companies were exploring the benefits of virtual recruiting. Virtual recruiting involves all of the steps of conventional recruiting from planning to screening applicants. However, tasks are done remotely using digital platforms.

In a post pandemic marketplace, virtual recruiting is here to stay. However, practitioners haven’t fully worked out the kinks when it comes to seamless implementation. For instance, it takes more to engage candidates without in-person interaction.

It’s a tradition for recruiters to attend university career fairs where they meet the next generation of top talent. There’s nothing like hearing a junior talk about her major and why she chose it. The enthusiasm at these functions is more contagious than COVID-19.

It’s hard to duplicate this atmosphere in a virtual environment.
Setting up a camera for a meeting.

Recruit makes engaging both the university crowd and seasoned professionals easy and fun. Using the tool, recruiters meet job seekers where they are in the digital space. Today’s job seekers are known to use social media platforms to stay in touch with others both professionally and personally. Also, it integrates with Facebook to deliver effective job postings to a select audience.

Another challenge of remote recruiting is adequately portraying the company’s culture to job candidates. Developing long-term relationships via social media interactions help.

Remote recruiting through social media channels is an opportunity for HR staff members to get creative. Besides posting descriptive job ads, they can interview current employees about their experiences with the company. These testimonials give job candidates a realistic view of the company’s culture and what it’s like to work there.

Video Interview

The interview is the climax of the hiring process. The stakes are high for employers and job seekers alike. Hiring the wrong person costs companies money, and it can cause a loss of morale for their other employees. Job seekers are eager to put their best professional foot forward with respected companies in hopes that an offer letter from one of them will launch a long, satisfying career. Social distancing and remote working make interviewing harder and put more pressure on interviewers and candidates.

Zoho Recruit’s Video Interview tools allow recruiters to draft questions for candidates that reflect the open position’s job requirements. The questions are sent to the candidate, and he records his best answers at a time that’s most convenient to him. Besides storing completed video interviews in the candidate database, HR professionals can also send copies of them to select managers for group assessment reviews.

One of the great benefits of implementing a remote work environment is expanding your talent pool. You’re no longer constrained to choose a job candidate just because he or she lives in the neighboring zip code. Your next software developer or marketing analyst could live around the corner or across the country. The Video Interview tools are especially beneficial when interviewing a candidate who lives in another time zone.

During final interviews, employers want to know how candidates interact and communicate in real-world settings. Spontaneous interview responses reveal a candidate’s personality, and hiring managers can discover what the job seeker really thinks about certain work-related issues during these sessions. Zoho Recruit facilitates live interviews between hiring managers and candidates using its proprietary online video conferencing platform.

Workflow Management

One of the most frustrating challenges of recruiting is efficient implementation. An HR specialist publishes a job posting for a key position. A qualified candidate shows interest. The candidate not only looks great on paper, but she also worked with the project’s team lead years ago at another company. The project’s team lead confirmed that she’s a solid performer and would be a good match for the position. When the HR department sent the candidate her offer letter, it got a rejection, however. The candidate informed the HR specialist that she received a comparable offer from the company’s competitor a week ago. She decided to accept the position that starts next Monday.

Zoho Recruit Workflows

Delays in the recruitment workflow process cause many companies to miss out on star performers. Zoho Recruit’s Workflow Management component allows recruiters to automate tasks such as sending hiring managers invites for candidate assessment meetings and alerts when their responses are expected by a certain deadline. By using the Workflow Management tool, you can more accurately estimate the time that it takes to hire a candidate. If a promising candidate applies for a position, the recruiter can tell him or her an approximate timeline for hiring notifications. Reducing recruitment process timelines and being more transparent with candidates position your company to hire top talent while your competitors are still reviewing candidate assessments.

Zoho Recruit Conclusion

Today’s recruiting environment is fiercely competitive. Besides facing talent shortages in certain fields, recruiters must think outside of the box to meet potential employees in the age of social distancing. Zoho Recruit streamlines the recruitment process using robust automation technology that integrates recruiting activities from start to finish.

Recruiting for a post-pandemic workforce is tough. Share your most challenging post-pandemic recruiting experience in the comment section and how you tackled the issue. Humor is welcome. Or if you want to learn more about Zoho Recruit be sure to check out our other resources.

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