Zoho Bigin: A Vertically Integrated Small Business CRM For Solopreneurs

If you’re a solopreneur, you probably get by with your wit alone on most days. But with the right tools, you can do even better. Zoho Bigin is custom-tailored, web-based CRM attuned to the specific needs of small business owners. It has all the tools a small business owner needs and none that they don’t, all wrapped up in one low-cost subscription. For those just getting started up in their business, or formalizing a casual business into a powerful entity, you’ll find everything you need in Zoho Bigin–all in one place.

Customer Data

Bigin’s primary features focus on its database of customer information. Like Zoho CRM, Bigin captures data about who you sell your products to, building a rich contact history for each entry in your database. First, the more you use Bigin, the more powerful your records become and you’re able to apply built-in analytics to your growing data. This way, you can derive a more accurate analysis of your customer interactions as time goes on. Import your customer data from nearly any source, or manually enter it as you grow. Gain control over who can access and edit what, as well as precision filters for sorting and sifting information. With all of this, you’ll have clean, robust customer data at your fingertips.

Bigin’s vertical integration keeps your customer data current and centralized. This avoids many of the more annoying features of online data management: categorically, sharing information between different web tools. When you don’t need to export and import, your information stays better correlated, producing analytics accurately more tightly tied to your data.

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Pipeline Tracking

It’s said that amateurs discuss tactics, while professionals discuss logistics. In the world of business, those logistics are all about capturing interest and converting the curious to customers. Pipelines are the way we conceptualize and track that process. You’ll quickly find that Bigin’s pipelines are a keystone for understanding how your theories about customer behavior work in the real world. If you don’t understand the journey your customers take, you won’t know how to sell the best. Pipelines help you understand how and when customers enter–and exit–your sales funnel.

Track every step in your customers’ journeys through multiple simultaneous, fully-customizable pipelines. Each movement through the stages of your pipeline is a critical data point for your ever-growing database. Bigin tracks it all seamlessly, progressing customer records through pipeline stages based on automated criteria and manual user input.

Built-in Email and Telephony

Use integrated tools to manage contacts with your entire database of customers and clients. With built-in mass email tools, you can generate email blasts and capture analytics about their success, attaching specific events to specific customer profiles along the way. Furthermore, these tools add to the rich database of customer events, improving your understanding of what drives purchasing behavior among your unique client base.

Once you add your email account to Bigin, it automatically associates incoming and outgoing messages with the appropriate clients in your database. Based on the email address, this produces a consistent, clear record of communication to avoid confusion and oversights while surfacing the data you need for exceptional service. Connect your softphone or VoIP service to integrate phone calls with your CRM records concurrently.

Automation and Integration

Automate the boring stuff and focus on what counts. With built-in workflow tools, you can automate database and communication tasks. This way, you can abstract away the small stuff and keep your expertise on topics that deserve it. Focus on human jobs, and let the computer do the rest. Build workflows using a series of “if/then” blocks, which take action based on certain conditions. Learn more about using and building workflows with Zoho’s automation and workflow tools.

If you need integrations with services not including in Bigin, you can use Zoho’s vast suite of integrations. Tie on any services you need to maintain and keep the information flowing through Bigin. Correlated information is powerful information, giving your sales reps the tools they need to close sales and provide exceptional experiences. Keep things connected with any integration you need.

Data Security

In the modern world, data security needs to be a foundational feature of any products containing business information. This is doubly true for identifiable client information. Most customers today expect their information to be kept private, and rightly so. We’re also getting progressively greater legal guarantees of privacy as lawmakers stay current with ever-changing privacy laws. With Bigin, that’s all taken care of for you, and you can trust your data to stay secure.


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