Upgrade from Free Email with Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail provides an inexpensive, simple way to upgrade your free email address to something a little more professional. If your Gmail address starts to feel too informal for your clients, you’re ready for an upgrade. Zoho Mail is an excellent option to consider.

Secure Email

Free email services like Gmail might do a lot to protect your email from being accessed by unauthorized users. But they don’t protect against the intrusions they perform. There’s a reason that free Gmail (with an @gmail.com suffix) isn’t HIPAA-compliant: it’s not proven to be sufficiently private.

With Zoho Mail, no one outside your organization—apart from the automated spam filter—can access your messages. Zoho’s mail security even guards against Zoho employees’ access, with stringent protocol requirements that must be met before access can be granted and a detailed logging regime for recording this access. Apart from such highly-regulated events, there is no type of routine monitoring.

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Private, Ad-Free Experience

Unlike free email services, you’ll never have to worry about Zoho scanning your emails for ad-relevant keywords. That’s because they don’t sell ads, which has never been part of the Zoho business model. Instead, you pay a fee for service: you know, like how everything else in the world works. You’ll find the rates highly competitive with Google Workspace and similar offerings. And if you only need email, that rate drops significantly.

Powerful Filters and Spam Blocking

Email inboxes provided by web hosting services are generally usable, but they have one fatal flaw: terrible spam filters. This isn’t just about avoiding ads for saucy drugs, either. It’s a security threat. Some of these emails are intentionally deceptive, like phishing scams that imitate a friend, even down to spoofing their email address. Even though a sufficiently observant user can typically spot the tells, we don’t always have the time to interrogate apparently-innocuous emails. Don’t give yourself the chance to make a stupid mistake: use a service that protects you.

Zoho Mail uses SPF and DKIM protocols to protect you from spoofed email addresses with inauthentic sender information. SPF, or Sender-Policy Framework, compares incoming email addresses against the known mail servers for those domains. DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, signs your outgoing messages as authentic (to make sure they don’t get marked as spam) and checks for signatures on incoming messages to detect inauthentic senders.

Granular Administrative Controls

Observe and control user messages when you need to, from a powerful administrative control center. Configure user settings, create working groups, set security and retention policies, and moderate messages marked as spam.

With eDiscovery, emails can be retained long term, providing deep search access regardless of the time gap. Rules for retainment can be set with complex filters based on keyword searches or email addresses or configured globally for the whole organization. Set up audits and investigations, and rest easy knowing you have secure, stable access to your most important records.

Custom Domain Email with Zoho Mail

Improve your brand visibility and credibility with custom domain email addresses. If you’re transitioning into formalizing your business, these domain emails make a far more professional impact than a Gmail address. As your company grows, you’ll have access to consistently branded email addresses for as many people as you need.

Integration with Zoho CRM

Like all Zoho products, Zoho Mail also integrates well with Zoho CRM and other Zoho management software. You can create mailing lists in Zoho CRM, then easily mail merge with Zoho Mail. When enabled, you can also attach email messages to the appropriate CRM record, producing an organization-wide account of your client communications. Zoho CRM also provides record data in Zoho Mail, ensuring you always know who you’re talking to. When your information is synchronized this way, everyone is always in the same loop.


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