How can something so simple, be so complicated? Let’s look at what it takes to build a great channel.

  1. A Compelling Partner Program.  You may have the best product in its category.  And it may be best solution.  But unless you have an extremely compelling partner program, it will be difficult to get partners to sell you product. We have developed dozens of partner programs over the years, and can help you update yours, or build it from scratch. The key components of a program are:
    • Margin
    • MDF
    • Co-Op
    • Partner Tiers
    • Distribution
  2. Recruiting the Right Partners.  Estimates of the number of qualified partners in the US alone range form 30,000 to over 100,000.  Depending on your product or services you may be looking to build a program with a few hundred partners, or a few thousand. We have a highly profiled database of over 25,000 partners and can help you recruit the right partners for your channel program.  In order to identify the right partners here of some of the things you will need to know:
    • Revenue
    • Vertical Market Focus
    • Customer Size
    • Certifications
    • Number of Engineers
    • Number of Sales People
    • Current Vendor Partners
    • Geographical Reach
  3. Enable and Nurture Your Partners.  Once and partner program is built and the partners are recruited, then the real work begins. Providing your partners with all of the tools and support they need to successfully sell your product.  Working with our partners, we can help you develop:
    • Partner Tools
      • Deal Registration
      • Partner Portal
      • Tool Kits
    • Marketing Support
      • White Papers
      • Case Studies
      • Demand Generation Campaigns
      • Lead Referrals
      • Trade Shows
      • Marketing Plans
    • Sales Support
      • Demo Products
      • Opportunity Management
      • Quoting
      • Configuration
      • Price Promotions
      • Training