Recording and Storing Support Sessions with Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a remote support platform designed specifically for tech support teams. It provides a clean, direct method for connecting to a customer’s computer through screen sharing and other remote connection facilities, allowing your team members to test the system, find the problem, and fix the issue, all without haranguing the customer over the phone with a rote manual of instructions. 

If your team members can solve problems directly, applying their training and troubleshooting skills without first passing them through the filter of the customer’s understanding and level of technical savvy, they’ll be more efficient, more capable, and happier. While Zoho Assist might not be the first screen sharing application, it is the best screen sharing application for tech support specifically.

Outside of actually helping your customers, Zoho Assist also provides utilities that record and save support sessions. These can be captured as chat logs, of course, but video recordings of the support agent’s screen tend to be more complete and useful. While they do require greater effort to save and store without running out of storage, they provide a previously inaccessible tool for training, researching the effectiveness of your team, and locating problems within your workflow and infrastructure. 

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But the best feature is an unimpeachable record of what actually happened during a call. If you have any experience with customers, you know you periodically get unlucky when it comes to customers. You might find yourself knee-deep with an unreasonable problem-maker insisting that your tech support is responsible for all the distasteful porn their wife found. But with a complete record of your interactions, you can easily kick these malingering, attention-seeking whingers to the curb.

Note that session recording is only available in the Enterprise version of Zoho Assist.

Enable Session Recording

Zoho Assist automatically tracks text-based reports that show basic information about each support call. This includes time, technician, platform, and other demographic information. If you want to enable Zoho Assist session recording, you’ll have to first turn it on. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Session Recording.
  2. Tick the checkbox next to Session Recording to automatically record new session. 

Session will now automatically be recorded and saved to your Zoho Assist storage, which maxes out at 5 GB by default.

Managing Session Recording

In the same session recording settings, you can adjust the quality of the screen recordings, how adjust the archive duration for old recordings.

To set recording quality, navigate to Settings and use the dropdown percentage menu to set Recording Quality.

You can either choose to delete older recordings when the storage device is full, or stop making older recordings inside. In general, it’s wiser to delete older recordings.

Accessing Session Recordings

In the Reports tab, you can see all the recorded session videos seamlessly folded into the rest of your report data with a new column.

You can download videos with the download button, delete them with the trash can button, or set a high priority for recording processing if the video isn’t ready yet. As soon as the video is processed, it will be downloaded to your local device.


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