Fireflies AI Call Recording & Transciption Amps Up Your Sales Team

Train reps faster, close more deals and remember the details of every phone call. With Fireflies call recording, your sales team gets upgrade with a new superpower: perfect memory. 

Fireflies is a SaaS platform listens to your team’s phone calls, recording audio files of each call and providing detailed automated text logs of each call. These transcriptions are created by software rather than human, reducing cost and increasing speed. Call recording and keyword analysis combine to provide a set-it-and-forget-it tool that management and sales reps will both come to rely on and appreciate.

Turning Calls into Logs

It’s one thing to record phone calls. That’s useful and practical, and most call centers and corporations of moderate size already do so. Recorded phone calls are invaluable for legal issues and customer complaints. The option to record calls is often provided alongside business telecom services, especially with VoIP providers. So, your company might already be recording your employees’ calls. 

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But it doesn’t take much analysis to understand that the audio recordings are only so useful on their own. They provide a reliable backstop to notes and recollections, but outside of forming the “record” of client interactions, they’re not terribly useful. Unless you spend your evening hours listening back to the calls from the work day, you won’t get much value from just making the recordings. Transcription is where the true value lies.

Very few companies transcribe all their phone calls. Historically, it’s been because the cost is prohibitive. Most transcription services are done through humans: a real person listens to your recordings. Using a playback device designed especially for transcriptionists, they type the words they hear into a text file. It is as low tech as closed captioning, but far more accurate. The cost, however, quickly rises as the hours of audio pile up. While some firms that use third-world labor offer dirt-cheap transcription services, the quality varies widely. provides the first real opportunity for small businesses to transcribe their calls without breaking the bank. No longer does a single human being needs to listen to hours of audio tape, often taking longer to transcribe the file than the running time of the tape, returning transcriptions only long after they’ve ceased to be relevant. With a software-based transcription tool using audio text recognition, natural language is converted from a solid audio format to a searchable text document.

Once audio files are transcribed, their utility grows exponentially. Text files are searchable, meaning you can use Find functions to scan conversations en masse for relevant snippets of text. With Fireflies’ transcription tools, you can even listen to the audio recording from the transcript to double-check the original. If text is searchable, that means that computer programs can read it. A whole collection of new tools are revealed to help your sales team unlock its greater potential.

The Value of Audio OCR

Once Fireflies has transcribed the audio of your calls, it goes deeper. Just like scanned PDFs can be subjected to optical character recognition or OCR, the call transcription can be scanned for particular keywords. You tell Fireflies to “listen” for important words, and when a transcript includes those words, you’ll be notified.

First, you set the keywords. Once set, Fireflies starts listening for the keyword. As transcriptions come in, Fireflies scans through the text for your keywords, leveraging artificial intelligence to flag the most important conversations. For example, you can set Fireflies to listen for important signal words, like “too expensive” or your competitor’s name. When conversations that match your search are identified, they’re surfaced with Fireflies, with the transcription and audio files ready for your review.

Training With Customer Calls

Everyone learns in different ways. But one of the best ways to learn is to observe an expert at work. In sales, this can be coming along on a pitch meeting, listening in on conference calls, or watching training videos. But nothing works quite as well as real situations with real sales reps and real customers. The differences between a real call and a training call can be enormous in effect, but they might not be as easy to recreate. 

While strong salespeople frequently train through role play, working without a net is a different story. When you pretend your cubicle-mate is a customer, there’s nothing on the line. You can’t sell anything, nor will anyone complain. Real calls are far more variable and difficult than training material can make them out to be. That’s the value of training with real conversation material. With Fireflies call recording, you can capture all that and more. Add some careful editing with other software and clever design, and you can even build programming that recreates conversations with trainees, letting them “talk” to real people and get sensible responses back. That’s well beyond the scope of Fireflies’ built-in utilities, but it provides the media you’d need to make that happen. 

Training with Fireflies helps the bottom third of your sales team meet quota again. Not everyone can be your first-place sales team, but that doesn’t mean they have to be the worst. Often, the difference between a below-par salesperson and a competent salesperson is training and attitude. With real, non-scripted sales conversations to guide your team, Fireflies offers detailed and irreproducible learning opportunities for the team members that can benefit the most. By listening to your best salespeople handle common objections or complaints, they can learn how to most effectively guide their leads through the funnel and into conversions. 

Accuracy and Speed

This audio text recognition unlocks a tremendous amount of data for the first time. Without call recording, you just won’t have access to this data. And without audio OCR, the data will be largely unusable, locked behind hours of disorganized audio logs. With Fireflies’ AI-based voice recognition and parsing, these audio recordings become searchable text logs. But is it accurate?

If you have a smartphone, it might have text transcriptions of voicemail—iPhones do, by default. Google Voice offers a similar system, relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate the messy contours human speech into written language. Those systems aren’t perfect, but they provide more than enough detail to be far more useful that audio files alone.

The inherent limitations of phone audio can produce some snags in transcriptions. Telephone audio is heavily compressed to save bandwidth, leaving barely enough data for humans to comprehend, let alone humans. As a result, any voice recognition that relies solely on phone audio recordings will be limited by the intrinsic nature of the medium. 

If you have a VoIP system, you’ll find the audio quality is sometimes much higher if the conversation is only between VoIP users. That provides stronger source material for Fireflies’ transcription engine. Perfection isn’t necessary to make transcription useful, but it’s a nice bonus.

Automated CRM Integration

Fireflies’ integrations bring a huge amount of data online, providing searchable keyword-linked data that was previously only available if your sales reps spent the time to creature tortuously long and detailed call notes, which in turn lowers their ability to, you know, actually make sales. Keep your sales team doing what they do best: selling.

Fireflies can plug into popular CRM’s like Zoho CRM directly, or connect through Zapier’s graphical interface for daisy-chaining APIs together. In Zoho CRM, you can automatically log complete transpositions and call notes, all shelved under the right contact within your database. Sales reps don’t need to waste time typing up notes, and everyone gets access to highly-accurate and informative call logs for every meeting.

It also plugs in with dialer applications for call centers, including Outreach and Hubspot, Google and Outlook calendars for scheduling, and Zoom, GoToMeeting, and WebEx web conferencing for video and audio chats over the internet.

Any job that relies on frequent and important conversations, from coaching sessions to kick-off calls, can benefit from Fireflies. The automated transcription process turns around notes in less time than a paid service, and at a far lower cost. If phone conversations are an important part of your job, Fireflies can make you better at it.

Getting Started

Fireflies works by integrating with your Google or Office 365 calendar. It automatically reads your calendar and dials into every call that that has a phone number. You can also invite fireflies to any of your meetings.

Check out Fireflies with this free 7-Day Trial.


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