Creating Customized Email Templates in Zoho CRM

Email templates are reusable email designs that can be sent to many users at once. Each template has placeholders, which can be dynamically filled with data from your CRM records. For example, you could set up an email template that includes fields for first name and last name. Then, when the email is sent, those placeholders will be filled in with the first and last name from the CRM record associated with the recipient’s email address. So when you send an email from this template to John Johnson, he sees “Hi John!” at the top of the email instead of “Hi $FIRST_NAME” or, even worse, “Hi Customer!”

With a careful setup, you can create highly customizable email templates. Zoho CRM’s template tools are powerful enough to permit deep and detailed customization of an email template far beyond simple name substitutions. Apply a little creative elbow grease, and you can develop some impressive templates and minimize man-hours spent on repetitive communication.

Email templates are even faster than copying and pasting from a text file, and more accurate, too. Emails can be sent directly from Zoho CRM in moments, and the computer won’t make the embarrassing mistakes of forgetting to fill in a placeholder on a copy-pasted email. Sales, marketing, and customer service can all get huge benefits from email templates, for automatic emails or manually-sent messages.

Creating Your First Email Template

  1. In Zoho CRM, navigate to Setup > Customization > Templates.
  2. Click the + New Template button on the left.
  3. Select the module for which the Email template has to be created from the drop-down list and click Next.

Now you’ll have a handful of choices to choose from as seen below.

Now lets get started creating our email template. We recommend not using any of the provided templates for a standard email going out. Instead we will want to do the following:

  1. Choose Insert HTML / Plain Text in the upper right.
  2. Go ahead and type your email out that you wish to send.
  3. To auto-populate any fields from the chosen module simply press #. This will display a dropdown list of all available fields for that module to insert.
  4. Once your email looks good, let’s create a template name and subject in the upper-left. The template name is for internal users to know what template it is and the template subject is what your clients will see when the email is sent out.
  5. Click the Save button in the upper right corner to save your template for later use. You can also choose a folder to save the email template to, or create new folders to organize your templates.

Sending Emails with Templates

There are ten different instances where you can send a templated email, but the most common is the Send Mail or Mass Email options. The only distinction between a single email and a mass email is the number of send messages. They’re configured to send in the same way. Whether you choose one record or multiple records, the process will be the same.

  1. Open the desired module (probably Leads or Contacts) in the list view.
  2. Select the leads or contacts you wish to email.
  3. Click Send Mail button at the top of the page.
  4. Next select Insert
  5. Select the template you want to send.
  6. Proof your email sometimes there are spacing and formatting issues. These oftentimes are not visible inside the template editor. So be sure to double-check prior to sending it out. We usually recommend the first time to send a test email to yourself.

Congratulations! You have successfully sent your first mass email inside Zoho CRM with an email template. You can now see if how many emails were delivered or bounced. As well as the open and click rates. If you found this article useful we recommend setting up a drip campaign next.


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