13 Must-Have Browser Extensions and Apps That Make Zoho Better

Everyone has their own method for getting their work done. It’s not always easy to find new ways to work, but once you’ve found a way that’s comfortable, it’s understandable that you might want to stick with it. But each new day brings new opportunities for improvement. If you’re not keeping up with new developments, you’ll lose out to the people that do. To help you stay on top of useful tools in online marketing, here are some Applications and Google Chrome extensions that help us get our own work done. If you want to improve your workflow, be more productive, and work with less frustration, these apps provide the help you need.


Formstack: Document Creation

Formstack is a document generation application that helps you produce template-based documents with placeholder variables. Save your default company contract template into Webmerge, then produce a fresh version of the document with the correct details to send to the client. No needs to mess around in Word manually replacing text: instead, WebMerge automatically generates a usable document with the provided information slotted into the correct placeholder spaces

Fireflies.ai: Conversation Recording and Transcription

Fireflies is a marketing and sales tool for tracking conversations. It records conversations, transcribes them automatically, and ingests the processes conversations in your existing marketing stack. These processes conversations can then be searched for audit or reference. Learn more about fireflies.ai. Or Click Here to start a free 7-Day Trial.

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Browser Extensions

LinkMatch: LinkedIn Contact Integration

LinkMatch adds LinkedIn integration to your CRM. It instantly matches LinkedIn profiles with records in your CRM and generates records for LinkedIn contacts that aren’t yet in your database. Get more leads faster from the largest business-focused social media site in the world. Check out our full review.

Zoho for Gmail: Integrate Zoho CRM with Gmail

Zoho For Gmail is a chrome extension for managing and adding leads and contacts to Zoho CRM from the Gmail web interface. It adds a slide-out pane to Gmail for adding and editing contacts in Zoho CRM while remaining in the Google user interface. You can find our full review here.

Grammarly: AI-Powered Spellchecking

Grammarly is a powerful grammar and spell-checking plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox. It replaces your browser’s default spell-checker with a much smarter one that scans for common writing mistakes and helps you communicate to your highest level. While the best spell checker and editor is still another human, Grammarly is the best software-based writing assistant available.

Zoho Notebook Web Clipper: Save Content from Anywhere

Zoho Notebook Web Clipper is a Chrome extension for copying webpage content in your Zoho Notebook. Clip text, images, or entire articles from the web, highlighting and editing the text to create notes that work uniquely for you. See something interesting online? Save it to your Notebook.

Zoho Annotator: Screen Capture and Annotation

Zoho Annotator is screen capturing and annotation software from Zoho that captures webpages within your browser. It’s graceful and effective, with an appropriately detailed user interface and provides enough flexibility to effective annotate documents without overwhelming the user. It’s perfect for providing feedback on web design or calling out specific workflow steps within a tutorial.

zShare: Social Media Sharing From Anywhere

zShare is a Zoho tool for sharing content on social media from your browser. Find something you want to share while browsing the internet, then create carefully customized posts for each social media channel you control. Choose the right picture for the post and select words that best reach your audience on each platform, then share it everywhere with one click.

Clearout.io: Bulk Email Validation

Clearout.io is a must-have tool for validating your incoming leads in your CRM and checking bad emails for future outbound campaigns. Prevent your domain from getting flagged for having too high of a bounce rate and validate your new leads with this great app.

Zoho Sign For Gmail: eSignature On The Go

Zoho Sign for Gmail allows you to bring the core functionality of Zoho Sign straight to your inbox. Quickly access the app from a convenient side panel directly inside your Gmail window.

Zoho Vault For Chrome: Password Management

Zoho Vault for Chrome Extension takes password management to the next level. Securely store, share, & manage passwords under one hood from anywhere. Free personal plan or as low as $1 a month per user for the standard plan.

Twilio SMS/MMS/Whatsapp Extension: Zoho CRM SMS App

Twilio SMS/MMS/Whatsapp Extension for Zoho CRM creates an efficient communication channel between Zoho CRM and your customers. It facilitates bi-directional text messaging, allowing users to send and receive SMS/MMS/Whatsapp messages from Zoho CRM leads and contacts without logging in to Twilio. Users can send custom SMS/MMS/Whatsapp messages to individual customers or bulk SMS/MMS/Whatsapp to 100 customers at the same time.

Catalyst Connect WordPress Plugin: Zoho Client Portal

The Catalyst Connect Zoho Client Portal is a private, secure website that allows businesses to share account-specific information with customers on anything from invoices and rebates to credit status and order information, all backed by 24/7 access to real-time information. Such a portal offers a high level of convenience and relevance, all in one central location.


The best tools for the job are always those that make it easier. With these applications and Chrome extensions, you’ll have an easier time marketing your products, communicating with clients, gathering leads, and closing sales.

*This article was originally published on May 18, 2019 and was updated on March 11, 2021.


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